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Financial Aid Worksheet: Warning Contract

If you have been placed in a Financial Aid Warning status because you do not meet the college's Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Policy, you must complete this Financial Aid Warning Contract in order to reinstate your financial aid.

After your next semester of attendance, you must meet the college's SAP standards or earn a minimum semester grade point average of a 2.0 and complete 100% of the courses attempted (no W, 0.0, Z, or I grades) until you meet the overall SAP standards.

As you prepare for your next semester of attendance, Lansing Community College wants to make sure that you are successful. Please agree to the statements below before we can continue processing your financial aid.

Student Information

First and Last Name

LCC Username (help)

LCC Email Address

I Understand:

I should purchase my books and supplies by the first day of the semester.

I should attend all regularly scheduled classes for each course.

Free tutoring is available for most courses in the Learning Commons (opens new window).

Academic Advisors are available to help me prepare my class schedule and complete an Educational Development Plan in the Advising Center (opens new window).

Licensed Professional Counselors are available to help me deal with extenuating life circumstances in Campus Resources (opens new window).

Financial Aid Advisors are available to help me secure adequate financial resources, project costs, and prepare a budget.

Campus Resources offers free workshops to help with test-taking, self-defeating behavior, and other student concerns.

I am encouraged to take the course SDEV 101: First Year Experience where I can learn about Student Success.

Dropping a course after the refund period will negatively impact my completion ratio.

I must pass each class (no W, I, Z, or 0.0 grades) and earn a minimum cumulative 2.0 semester gpa.

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