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Secondary/Community College Articulation Agreement Process

  1. Definition: For the purpose of this Agreement, "Articulation" means the process that facilitates the transition of a student from one educational institution to another, or from one level of education to the next with minimum duplication of coursework.

  2. All articulating students shall meet and maintain entrance requirements of Lansing Community College and the intended curriculum or program of study.

  3. The (School) will provide a Competency Record for each student which certifies achievement levels (minimum 80%) and student attendance in all classes for which articulation credit is being requested. This high school academic record will provide and becomes part of the student's permanent record and will be forwarded to Lansing Community College with the Program Articulation Application.

  4. A student must enroll at Lansing Community College within 24 months following high school graduation in order to be eligible for college credit under this Agreement. If this time limit has expired, the student may opt to take competency examinations in accordance with regulations stated in the College catalog.

  5. With admission to Lansing Community College and completion of the articulation application, the articulated credits will be immediately recorded on the student transcript.

  6. Credits articulated will become part of the total number of credits for program completion at Lansing Community College and will appear on the student's Lansing Community College transcript by course code, title, and credit hour(s). No grades will be recorded.

  7. College credit for articulated courses will be limited to a maximum of sixteen semester credits for any Certificate or Associate Degree Program.

  8. Tuition will not be charged for articulated credits under this Agreement.

  9. Articulation Agreement Review and Changes:

    1. A review of the Articulation Agreement and its procedures will be conducted at least biennially or more often by a review committee comprised of curricular specialists from the (School) and Lansing Community College.

    2. After review by the respective committees, a meeting between Lansing Community College and (School) staff will be scheduled. Each approved curriculum will be reviewed and, if necessary, the occupational tasks and criterion-based tests used to measure levels of competency will be revised.

  10. Faculty and Administrators directly involved in this Articulation Agreement will receive orientation in the articulation process.

Revised: June 2004


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