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Improving Healthcare:

Enhancing the Speed of Technology with Superior Customer Service Skills

December 1, 2011

Diagnose before you prescribe. While you might think this is a catchphrase of physicians, here at Lansing Community College -- Business and Community Institute (BCI), we are teaching diagnostic skills in the form of better questioning and listening skills, being attentive to the culture of healthcare for delivery of better support systems to patients and clinicians alike, and having a sense of urgency when respecting people's time as integral components in customer service toward improving overall patient care.

So what's new about that push? National standards for Electronic Health Records have come front and center as one means of improving health care through better management, secure use, and sharing of electronic health information. And LCC's BCI is one of several Midwest community colleges involved in delivering training to the Health IT professionals who will design systems, manage projects, and train and support the administrative and clinical professionals who will utilize these systems.

Better Healthcare through Security and Service

So what does this mean in terms of customer service for the greater public? Securely sharing information with patients and caregivers electronically so families can more fully take part in healthcare decisions. Information accessible to help doctors diagnose health problems sooner, whether during a routine visit or a medical emergency across the country. Remote medical options for rural communities. Safer care at lower costs.

So, do you need customer service with your healthcare? Just think back to an experience when a clinician didn't listen to you, when you received test results back late, when your healthcare provider appeared distracted, when you took up residency in a waiting room, or when lack of organization made you worry about quality of care. Our students, and their team of professionals at BCI, are committed to making those situations in healthcare, through solid information technology, clinical support, and customer service a thing of the past!

Meeting the Need for Training

The Health Information Technology program at LCC's BCI is one of the few hybrid programs in the Midwest, meaning participants engage in both online, WebEx, and face-to-face teaching. This unique delivery allows students individual time to learn at their own pace, participate in classroom discussions from all across the state and beyond without leaving the comfort of their homes/offices, and then network with clinical and IT professionals who share their expertise, their perspective, and sometimes, even the knowledge of who to contact for a Health IT job. We would like to think this focus on service to our students is what makes us their choice for a Health IT program.

Nancy Ohle has 20+ years' experience in Organizational Development, specifically working in team-building and team leadership efforts. She began her career in healthcare Human Resources and ran both clinical and soft skills education for Saginaw Osteopathic Hospital. She has consulted in a variety of industries and worked worldwide, having long-term projects both in North America and China. Nancy has worked for a variety of healthcare clients, including Mid-Michigan Regional Medical Center, St. Mary's of Michigan Saginaw and Standish, Mary Freebed Hospital, and numerous long-term rehab facilities.

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