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Announcing... Speakers Bureau

Workforce Diversity:
Establishing a Region Known for Diversity and Inclusion

January 25, 2012

On Wednesday, January 25, the Business & Community Institute (BCI) and Extended Learning and Professional Studies (ELPS) Division of Lansing Community College hosted the inaugural installment of the LCC Speakers Bureau. The early-morning event was briefly kicked off by Dr. Jean Morciglio, Dean of ELPS, who welcomed everyone.  Business & Community Institute Trainer, Terrence King, then gave a 45-minute presentation on Workforce Diversity: Establishing a Region Known for Diversity and Inclusion

The presentation, held at the LCC West Campus, was very well received with approximately 35 people attending from business, industry, and academia in the Greater Lansing area. The presentation sparked a continued promotion of the idea of Diversity and Inclusion throughout our region with interactive discussion of the following:

* Success through Diversity and Inclusion
* Significance through Diversity and Inclusion
* Becoming Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable 

Some follow-up comments from participants include:
This event helped me to remain motivated to continue to educate and empower D & I within my company.

This event helped me to challenge myself to look for opportunity to have those moments of uncomfortable situations and learn from it, then share the experience.

The Business & Community Institute is looking forward to development of BCI trainings that specifically address in-depth Workforce Diversity strategies.

Speakers Bureau events take place on the fourth Wednesday of each month. Future events include:
February 22: Innovation and Creativity
March 28: Globalization and World Economic Development Issues 


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