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Lean Six Sigma Overview

Lean Six Sigma:

This 2-day training focuses on the key tools and terms of lean and six sigma. The content features Toyota Production System, Lean Time Reduction, Value Stream Mapping, Error Proofing and the Seven Wastes as well as an overview of the Six Sigma Process of Engaging Customer and Building the project.

Lean Problem Solving Tools:

This 2-day training details the problem solving method for long-term root cause analysis.

Introduction to Quality Methods and Statistical Process Control (SPC):

This one-day training provides a full review of key tools.

Lean Tools and Methods:

Lean as it is applied in the business or corporate processes vs. industrial and manufacturing is featured in this 2-day training. The basic tools used in manufacturing such as Visual Plant, A3, 5S, Standardized Work, and safety are highlighted with a practical focus on improvement and cost savings.

Target Audience:

Individuals who are interested in ability to apply Lean Six Sigma techniques on a daily basis. There is no formal prerequisite for the curriculum.

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