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Bo Garcia

Executive Director

(517) 483-9639

Bo is the Executive Director of the Business & Community Institute (BCI) at Lansing Community College (LCC), and has served at LCC for over 17 years.  In his previous position as Regional Director of the SBTDC, Bo provided over 2,000 business clients with more than 8,000 hours of business counseling.  He has also been Adjunct Faculty at Davenport University, College of Business Administration.  Bo earned a Bachelors degree from Michigan State University, an MPA from Western Michigan University and an MBA from Northwood University.

Glenys Warner

Director of Training

(517) 483-9806

Glenys joined the Lansing Community College Business & Community Institute staff in 1994 and quickly became a key member of the workforce development team at the College and in the Greater Lansing Area. She represents BCI, working with numerous companies throughout Mid-Michigan, to assist in identifying workforce development, consulting, training services, and innovative approaches to improve individual and organizational performance. Additionally, Glenys Warner has managed both customer relationships and various projects associated with the launch of new customer products, implementation of additional employee shifts, and the coordination of multi-company employee development projects.


Kristin Angel Carson

Business Development Manager

(517) 483-1741

Kristin began working with LCC as an Administrator in 2008.  As a Business Development Manager at the BCI, Kristin specializes in establishing solid partnerships with companies in professional performance improvement within the Insurance & Financial Services, Education, and Information Technology industry sectors.  Kristin is a Central Michigan University graduate holding a Bachelors degree in Business Administration, with a major concentration in Marketing, and minor concentrations in Management and Interpersonal Communications.  Currently, she is working towards the completion of her Masters degree in International Administration. 

Chad Borodychuk

Business Development Manager

(517) 483-9642

Chad joined the BCI team as a Business Development Manager in 2013 and has over 11 years of experience helping companies and individuals achieve their goals. He has a sincere passion to serve his clients well and looks forward to building excellent partnerships with organizations and companies in the Healthcare, Government, Transportation, and Construction sectors.  He is motivated to help his partners become the strongest, leanest, and overall most efficient and effective in their field.  Chad earned his Bachelors degree in Business Administration from Central Michigan University.

Tim Booms


(517) 483-9697

Tim has over 20 years experience in developing training solutions for companies ranging in size from small companies with less than 200 employees to large organizations, such as NASA and Wal-Mart with solutions ranging in complexity from manufacturing process to Enterprise Architecture. Tim has a strong background in IT, Technical Manufacturing and Process Improvement. With his background and experience, he can help your company implement training solutions that build operational dexterity and produce the desired results.


Cathy Clark

Administrative & Instructional
Systems Specialist

(517) 483-1069

Cathy graduated Summa Cum Laude from Central Michigan University with a Bachelors degree in Organization Administration in 1996.  Before coming to the BCI in 1997, Cathy worked in the insurance industry. 

Tammy Gilroy

Project Management Technician

(517) 483-1180

Tammy is an alumnus of Lansing Community College and is completing her BA in Human Resources & Organizational Development. She is a member of the American Management Association with certificates in Management Excellence, Administrative Excellence, and is a credentialed ISO 9001:2000 Internal Quality Auditor.

Ann Lapo

Project Management /
Instructional Design

(517) 483-1727

Ann takes pride in her 25 years experience with LCC as an Instructor, Project Manager, and Instructional Design Consultant. Ann has worked with the BCI since 1994 and specializes in application software, IT systems, Online training, and Leadership training. Ann has a BA from Indiana University and worked as a Systems Analyst and IT Project Manager before joining LCC. She has been certified to teach online through Michigan Virtual University since 2001 and is also certified to facilitate courses through Developmental Dimensions International (DDI). 

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