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Supervisory Skills III

Leaders must communicate the case for strategic change in a way that builds excitement and inspires commitment. Leaders much approach evaluation and improvement opportunities in a manner that sustains morale, commitment, and trust. Total hours of training is 16.


* Driving Change
* Resolving Workplace Conflict
* Performance Management: Reviewing, Coaching, and Disciplining

Upon successful completion of this program, participants will be able to:

  • Introduce change, explore change, and overcome people's resistance to change.
  • Sustain an environment that embraces change and celebrates success.
  • Identify how to approach conflict as a process.
  • Learn strategies for dealing with difficult people.
  • Provide consistency, establish goals and measurement, implement discipline.

If you have unique leadership needs or a unique leadership structure, please contact any of our Business Development Managers to find out about customization opportunities for your company or call the BCI office at (517) 483-1857.

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