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Facilitating for Results

Leading Effective Meetings

Today's organizations use meetings to share ideas, make joint decisions, and plan actions. Issues are often complex, and the pressure to produce results is great. The effectiveness of a meeting depends on the facilitator. This course provides the skills facilitators need to lead effective, results-oriented meetings.


After completing this training program, participants should be able to do the following:

  • Describe how using The Basic Principles in meetings creates an
    environment that fosters productive and efficient meetings.
  • Describe the planning involved in preparing a team for a focused meeting.
  • Successfully start a meeting by reviewing the purpose, desired outcomes,
    ground rules, and agenda.
  • Apply numerous facilitation techniques to encourage a wide range of views
    on discussion topics.
  • Describe plans for using the skills from this program when leading meetings.
  • Explain the difference between meeting process and meeting content.
  • Demonstrate how to keep the discussion on track while maintaining an
    appropriate meeting pace.
  • Demonstrate how to assign action items and make follow-up plans to
    conclude a meeting.
  • Explain how to evaluate a meeting.
  • Describe how the Key Actions can be used by meeting participants.
  • Demonstrate techniques for handling disruptive behavior.

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