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Managing and Motivating New Generations at Work: Four Generations, The Greatest Potential

Identifying and understanding the impact of generational differences on workplace relationships can be a tremendously valuable tool for supervisors and managers who find themselves cast as mediators and interpreters on a daily basis. This program describes the various generational groups in our workplace: who they are, how they view the world of work, and which factors have shaped their perspective.

It also presents and applies management principles that have proven particularly effective in leading and managing more recent generations of employees.

Participants should be able to do the following upon completion:

  • Explain the unique perspective of four generations:  Boomers, Gen X, Gen Y, Gen Z.
  • Describe the key characteristics of "Boomers" to "Gen Z."
  • Explain how generational differences can sometimes cause conflict in workplace situations.
  • List management principles that have proven effective in recruiting, motivating, and retaining various generations of employees.
  • Create an action plan for working more effectively with all members of the workforce.

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