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What participants have to say ...

"With only 6 weeks remaining to complete the HIT Implementation Management course at LCC-Lansing, I received an offer for an incredible position in the HIT Implementation arena.  My background in HIM/HIT is extensive, yet the Implementation Management course enhanced my development and understanding of the core concepts of HIT, health care, project management and leadership skills.  The HIT field is evolving rapidly from HIM-IT, and so are the prospective career opportunities.  Healthcare providers are seeking the skills of HIT Implementation and Support, as their practice needs transition from a paper-based operation, to that of the HIT EMR/EHR components.  Lansing Community College of Lansing has exhibited success with Implementation Management and/or Support Service courses, and whether or not you have experience in the HIT, HIM or Clinical industries, LCC will equip their students with the proper tools to enhance their skills to meet the needs of a rewarding and expansive career in HIT Implementation. I am one of those success stories and work alongside many others!"

-- Jewel Kitko, Health IT Implementation Manager course, September, 2011

"This community is fortunate to have Lansing Community College as part of the consortium for federal HIT training grants.  I recently graduated from the H.I.T. Implementation Manager course and highly recommend it.  My goal in taking the course was to gain competencies that would help me in my current job, and I have already used some of the techniques I learned."

-- Penny Englerth, Physician Outreach Specialist, May, 2011

"I took a course in Implementation Management and got involved in health information technology because as a nurse, the technological revolution has hit me on the ground level. From working with a variety of software applications to the implementation of full-blown electronic health records, the world for medical personnel was changing right before my eyes. There is a need to align the strategic plan of the organization with workflow planning to achieve smoother transitions for staff and patients. That can only come from a well-prepared, knowledgeable, and clinically oriented person with the skills, abilities, and desire to oversee a smooth and effective implementation for providers and their staff. The Implementation Management class helped me develop an understanding of the core concepts of health information technology, health care, and project management. Each student from the class will be well equipped to take a paper-based system and turn it around effectively and efficiently, using the principles of project management, and appropriate technologic options best suited to the organization."

-- Kathi Dahlberg, Implementation Manager course, September, 2010

"The LCC-BCI Health Information Technology program is one of the few hybrid programs in the Midwest, meaning participants engage in both online, WebEx, and face-to-face teaching.  This unique delivery allows students individual time to learn at their own pace, participate in classroom discussions from all across the state and beyond without leaving the comfort of their homes/offices, and then network with clinical and IT professionals who share their expertise, their perspective, and sometimes, even the knowledge of who to contact for an HIT job.  We would like to think this focus on service to our students is what makes us their choice for their HIT program."

-- Nancy Ohle, Consultant and Trainer, Healthcare Human Resources, Health Information Technology


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