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Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)

40-hour course provides a highly concentrated training experience in computer networking. CCNA is the industry foundational certification for networking careers.

The training will contain information with a special attention to the certification.


At the completion of this module, students will be able to work with the following topics:

  • Building a Simple Serial Network
  • Building a Simple Ethernet Network
  • Growing the Network
  • Connecting Networks
  • Constructing Network Addresses
  • IP Ensuring the Reliability of Data Delivery
  • Connecting to Remote Networks
  • Operating and Configuring Cisco IOS Devices
  • Managing Your Network Environment
  • Configuring Catalyst Switch Operations
  • Determining IP Routes
  • Managing IP Traffic with Access Lists
  • Establishing Serial Point-to-Point Connections
  • Establishing Frame Relay Connections
  • Completing ISDN Calls

Industry Certifications optional (at an extra charge to the participant)

Who Should Attend:

Individuals with a strong networking background seeking CCNA certification.

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