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Community Education and Workforce Development Division

The Community Education and Workforce Development Division at Lansing Community College helps the College meet its goals to extend learning opportunities in non-traditional ways.  Through the offerings of this unit, one can prepare for traditional college activities, can receive both credit and non-credit certifications, go beyond an associates degree to a bachelors, masters and even professional certification.  Business owners and would-be entrepreneurs can find the tools and resources needed to grow and thrive.

The Division offers activities supporting youth: enrichment, gifted and talented, high school degree completion, early college, career pathway programs, as well as scholarships and leadership academies for young people attending college.  There are activities to support adult learners: bachelors and masters, as well as professional certifications, Plus 50, Encore, Community Education and CAEL grant.  There are activities for those needing immediate pathways to the workforce: Center for Workforce Transition, the Jobs and Employment Training Program, and a partnership with Capital Area Michigan Works!  For those who need access from mid-Michigan communities, courses are extended and delivered in convenient geographic locations.  Critically, there are activities for the business community: business owners will find resources for talent development, training, and the tools to start-up, expand up or lean up.

The activities of this Division are designed to contribute to the economic and workforce development of the region and to foster a highly educated community.

Extended Learning and Professional Studies

Community Education and Workforce Development
West Campus Room M105
Phone: (517) 483-1415
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