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Spring 2017 Black Box Production

American Hero

By Bess Wohl, Directed by Andy Callis

6-8 pm Wednesday-Thursday, Jan. 11-12, 2017
Black Box Theatre - Gannon Bldg. 168, 411 N. Grand Ave.

Readings from the script; perusal copies available for review at LCC Library

At a toasted subs franchise in the local mall, three up-and-coming "sandwich artists" - a teenager, a single mom, and a downsized corporate banker - are perfecting the mustard-to-cheese ratio according to the company manual. But when their shot at the American dream is interrupted by a series of strange events, they become unlikely allies in a post-recession world. AMERICAN HERO is a supersized dark comedy about life, liberty, and the pursuit of sandwiches.

7 total, 3-5 men, 2-4 women
Sheri: Sandwich shop employee, teenager
Jamie: Sandwich shop employee, mother in her 30's
Ted: Sandwich shop employee, in his 40's
Bob: Sandwich shop owner, foreign accent (India or Middle East)
Customer: Male or female; 1 scene, but it's a doozy; age is flexible
Sandwich: Dancing and talking sandwich
Gregory: a Father, sent from Corporate

March 17-25, 2017
8 pm Fridays & Saturdays

Andy Callis 517-483-1134
Production Office 517-483-1488 /

"[Bess Wohl's] darkly funny comedy...takes a wry, compassionate attitude toward American workers barely clinging to the bottom rungs of the economic ladder."-The New York Times. "Wohl's quirky comedy observes a few specimens of the embattled American working class...Simmering beneath the heroic battle to succeed in a cutthroat market-and the great crisis when the franchise is abandoned by its corporate owners-is a metaphorically rich survival drama about individual pluck and group courage."-Variety.


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