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The Threepenny Opera

Lansing Community College's Spring 2016 Mainstage Production
Book and lyrics by Bertolt Brecht, music by Kurt Weill,
English adaptation by Marc Blitzstein
Directed by Connie Curran-Oesterle, music direction by John Dale Smith

Audition Info:

5-8 PM, Sunday, Nov. 22
Black Box Theatre, 168 Gannon Building

6-9 PM, Monday, Nov. 23
Dart Auditorium, 500 N. Capitol Ave.

Callbacks: 7-10 PM, Tuesday, Nov. 24, Dart Auditorium

Requirements: Come ready to read from the script and sing a Broadway show tune of your choosing (can be from this show). You MUST be memorized, and bring full sheet music with all notes, not simply chords. It MUST be in your key; we don't have time to transpose. Accompanist provided. Research the show so you have some idea of the musical style-this isn't your typical musical comedy! Please arrive promptly. If the dates are a problem, please email Connie at and she may be able to work something out, however there's no guarantee. Scripts are available for 2-hour perusal at the LCC Library.

Description: A play with music, a 20th century milestone. Originally set during Queen Victoria's coronation, our production moves to the steampunk future coronation of Prince George. It is the seedy side of London where the poor, the destitute, the criminals, and the beggars make their grubby way through the world.

Roles (19 + chorus):

A Street Singer......Baritone

MacHeath (Mack the Knife), infamous crook & ladies' man......Bari/Tenor

J.J. Peachum, proprietor of Beggar's Outfit Shoppe......Baritone

Mrs. J.J. (Celia) Peachum, his wife......Mezzo

Polly Peachum, their daughter & MacHeath's bride......Soprano

Jenny, MacHeath's former lover, prostitute in Wapping Brothel......Mezzo/Alto

Tiger Brown, Police Commission & MacHeath's friend......Bari/Tenor

Lucy Brown, his daughter & MacHeath's lover, pregnant......Mezzo

Filch, a poor beggar

Reverend Kimball, performs the wedding & last rites at the hanging

Smith, the prison warden

MacHeath's henchmen (4 roles): Readymoney Matt, Crookfinger Jake, Bob the Saw, Walt Dreary

Prostitutes in Wapping Brothel (4 roles): Betty, Dolly, Molly, Coaxer

Chorus: 2 beggars, 2 constables

Performance Dates: 8 PM, Feb. 19-20 & 26-27, 2 PM Feb. 28, Dart Auditorium

Contact: Connie Curran-Oesterle,

Front Page News

Lansing Community College's Spring 2016 Dance Concert
Directed by Vickie Diebold

6-8 PM, Friday, Dec. 4
12-2 PM, Saturday, Dec. 5
372 Gannon Building

Requirements: Please wear comfortable clothing. You will be taught a short center and across the floor combination. If you have tap shoes, please bring them!

Successful auditions will be required to register for a Spring Dance Technique class as well as the Dance Repertory class (DANC 161 - 82968).

Description: FRONT PAGE NEWS will celebrate the important breaking stories (both good and bad) that have influenced and changed our lives since the first newspaper was published in 1690. Whether in print or online, newspapers have adapted and changed format with the times to continue to inform the public about important events at home and around the world. The dance show will open with "old time" newspaper boys selling their "paps" on the street corner - perhaps encouraging the audience to buy. The Company piece will celebrate the space program and Man's first steps on the moon.

Performance Dates: April 8-10, 2016 (8 pm Friday & Saturday, 2 pm Sunday),
Dart Auditorium

Vickie Diebold at or, or the Communication, Media, and the Arts office at 517-483-1546


By Simon Stephens / Directed by Andy Callis

Audition Info:
Sunday Dec 13 / 5-8 pm
LCC Black Box Theatre, 168 Gannon Building

Cold readings; perusal script available at LCC Library
Dialect examples can be found on Facebook at the Auditions: Motortown event.

Motortown is a disturbing story of a traumatized British Iraq War veteran's inability to form connections upon his return to England in 2006, and his accompanying descent into violence. Set in Dragenham, a working-class London exurb.

Roles (5 men, 3 women):
Danny: Psychologically damaged Iraq War veteran
Lee: Danny's brother, Autism Spectrum Disorder
Marley: Danny's ex-girlfriend
Tom: Danny's friend, gun dealer
Paul: Human trafficker/Criminal
Jade: Fourteen, Black
Justin & Helen: Upper-middle class, Swingers

Performance Dates:
March 18-26, 2016 / 8 pm Fridays & Saturdays

Andy Callis: 517-483-1134,
Production Office: 517-483-1488

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