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High impact events and seminars begin with Lansing Community College Conference Services. If this is your first time planning an event, let our professionals help walk you through the process. From choosing the best meeting space available and determining the proper room set, to creating custom menus that meet the needs of your participants, our professional staff can assist you every step of the way.

Determine the size of your group. We understand that it can be very difficult to estimate the number of participants for an event, especially if it is early in the planning stages. But there is a big difference between a group of 25 and a group of 100. We need to determine a starting point, which can be updated throughout the planning process; we won’t ask you for a final count until four business days before your event. This number also helps us determine which room or which room set will work best for your needs. After a room is determined, we can send you a rental contract to guarantee you the space.

Establish what your audio / visual and room needs. Do you need a panel or head table? Do you prefer lapel or handheld mics? Will you be using the projector and screen? Would you like one registration table or two? Making these decisions early can prevent problems down the road. Making sure we know what all of your needs are, allows us to make sure that you will be as comfortable as possible. Podiums, tech tables and registration tables come standard with any event (there is no charge), unless otherwise requested.

If you have special needs, please make us aware as soon as possible. A request such as software downloads or coordinating a webinar takes time and we like to do a test run before your event to eliminate any possible problems. We ask that you submit any software for downloading no later than two weeks before your event.

Decide on a menu. Would you like coffee and pastries in the morning? Are you providing a lunch for your group? It’s our pleasure to assist you with your food and beverage choices or even create a custom menu for your event. However, we order supplies and schedule staff based on the events we have scheduled and ask that you make your choices no later than two weeks before your event. Again, we will not ask for a final count until four business days before the event. We are also happy to accommodate any special dietary concerns, including vegetarian meals, please let us know what they are and how many you will need when you submit your final count.

Tips for a Successful Event…

  • We would love a copy of your agenda! Agendas allow us to plan according to your group’s activities. It let’s us know when you're taking a break, when we can clear dishes, refill a water pitcher or ask you a question.
  • Ask about vegetarian meals, dietary restrictions or allergies on your registration information.
  • Provide us with contact information for registration inquiries. If participants call us looking for information, who should we refer them to?
  • Tell attendees to dress in layers. We are happy to adjust the temperature in your room throughout the day, however, it is difficult to find a temperature that every participant is comfortable with at all times.
  • If the on-site contact is someone other than you, please let us know.
  • Communication is key. Please let us know if something has changed. If you have moved your start time from 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. let us know and we will put the morning break out later. If your lunch time has changed, send us an email. The better informed we are, the more capable we will be to meet all of your needs.

To Submit a Proposal

Please contact Conference Services at 517-483-9301 or

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