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Faculty Orientation

Desire2Learn Content and Navigation

Creating a Gradebook in Desire2Learn

Advanced Settings in Dropbox, Quizzes, and Discussions

Preserving Desire2Learn Course Content and Exporting Grades (Drop-in Sessions)

Desire2Learn Online Quizzes

Help Your Students Stay on Schedule with Desire2Learn Checklists

Automate your Desire2Learn Content and Communications Based on Student Actions

Tracking and Reporting Student Success Using Desire2Learn Reports and Analytics

Creating Video Clips Using Animoto

Three Guiding Principles for Managing Hybrid Courses

More Effective Quiz Management Using Respondus

Learning to Use Graphics in Word and PowerPoint

Animations in PowerPoint

Making Custom Widgets in Desire2Learn

Implementing Synchronous Office Hours using Adobe Connect and Skype

Introducing the Media Sandbox Room for Faculty

Using Concourse to Manage Your Course Syllabus (Drop-in Sessions)

Making Lectures Work

Engaging Students within the First 5 Minutes!

Beyond Course Content: How to Encourage Students to Learn

Tiny Tips for Grading and Responding to Student Writing

Survey Says: Student, Faculty, and Librarian Perspectives on Research Assignments

Best Practices for Student Retention

Are We Biased Professors? What Does the Literature Say?

Understanding the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA): The Realities and Myths of "Obamacare"

Doodle with Me

Creating Student ePortfolios

Yoga for the Workplace and Classroom

Knowledge is Power - Discover LCC's 21st Century Library

Open Sesame: Using Open Educational Resources (OER) for Teaching and Learning

Designing Visually Appealing Content in Desire2Learn


Using Classroom Observations to Facilitate Collegial Discussions and Professional Growth

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