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Developmental Writing Program

The Developmental Writing Program, offered through the Center for Transitional Learning, consists of courses ranging from basic skill instruction  through pre-college, leading to college readiness in writing.

The following writing courses are taught through the Center:

NCRW 100

Foundations for Success
(non-credit preparation for placement into credit-bearing classes or for passing the GED exam)

WRIT 110

Confidence in Writing

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How do you know if you need a Developmental Writing class, and if so, which one?

All students are required to take the College Placement Tests in reading and writing.  If the test(s) indicate that you are not yet writing at a college level, the appropriate writing course will be recommended.  Following the test, you should speak with an advisor concerning your test results and correct course placement.

The reading and writing placement tests are administered in the Assessment Center.  For information about Center's hours of operation,  location and other testing information, you can visit the Assessment Center.

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