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Overview of ECE and Information for Faculty

Welcome to Lansing Community College's Department of Extension and Community Education(ECE). We offer credit and non-credit classes for all ages, located in many different communities in convenient facilities. We encourage you to explore our website and our offerings, and invite you to contact us if there is any way we can help you make your lifelong learning journey a successful one. Jean Morciglio, Executive Director

Diverse Student Populations

Students who take classes at those Learning Locations may be adult learners, dual-enrolled high school students, new students, guest students and in other categories. Many have work and family commitments, as well as a strong commitment to their local communities. Each school district represents a community with its own distinct educational needs. In many cases, a Learning Location class is the first contact a student has at Lansing Community College.


Faculty members are identified, supervised and evaluated by the academic department offering a course. Faculty who work at Learning Locations need a commitment to serve adult learners and an awareness of the diverse needs of the community. Often faculty members live in the community in which they teach.

Academic Outcomes

The same level of academic excellence is expected for students at Learning Locations as is expected on campus. The Continuing and Community Education Office provides instructional support services such as scheduling, registration, audiovisual equipment, classroom materials, and information in order to support this objective.

Student Services

Learning Location students may be provided student support services, especially if this is their first contact with an educational institution. Initial support services include assessment, counseling, advising, registration, and referrals to on-campus services. Students are encouraged to begin their connection with Lansing Community College with an assessment and advising appointment at a nearby Learning Center.


Learning Locations are evaluated systematically through annual student surveys, semester-by-semester faculty evaluations and periodic faculty and Community Education surveys to assure quality standards and to stimulate program improvement. Learning Centers that have student aides posted will be asked to evaluate the student aide as well.

Community and Continuing Education at Lansing Community College

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