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eLearning Instructor Support and Resources

  • Course Management System (CMS) Guest Access Request - A form available to request guest access to the CMS for someone outside of LCC for limited purposes.
  • Course Management System (CMS) Policies - A comprehensive list of policies to ensure proper use of the CMS, including gradebook usage, accessibility, and group sites.
  • Course Management System (CMS) Standards - Outline of the CMS Standards, instructional videos, and checklists to provide instructor guidance concerning accessibility, usage, course design, communication, and technology.
  • Course Management System (CMS) Workshops - Partnering with the Center for Teaching Excellence, facilitate multiple D2L and Instructional Design workshops each semester that focus on CMS Standards and features, course design, and educational technology tools.
  • Department Meeting Sessions - Conduct trainings and informational sessions during department meetings to provide targeted D2L support, demonstrate technologies, and answer faculty questions.
  • Desire2Learn TechBits - Weekly web series targeting current instructor needs. Videos provide D2L support based on actual instructor questions, feedback, and service requests.
  • eLearning Instructor Blog - Online blog designed to provide weekly D2L tips, technology news, timely information for course instruction, and utilizing online college resources.
  • eLearning Instructor Wiki - Online knowledgebase with over 200 step-by-step instructional guides and demonstration videos that focus on D2L features, as well as related third party technologies at the college.
  • Instructional Designers - Consult with faculty and departments on best practices for CMS use, developing online courses and materials, and utilizing technology and multimedia for instruction.
  • Netiquette - A list guidelines for communicating clearly and effectively online.
  • Office Hours - Weekly hours dedicated to all academic departments to provide, one-on-one and small group, D2L support and Instructional Design guidance.
  • Teaching Online in D2L - Simulation-based training that aims to prepare instructors for online instruction and use of D2L. This required training provides two tracks to support the instructional technology needs of both face-to-face and online/hybrid instructors.
  • Technology Tools for Instructors - Up-to-date repository of the educational technology tools available for instructor use, including descriptions and support resources.
  • Walk-In Assistance - Just-in-time, one-on-one and small group D2L support for new and continuing students, available during regular business hours.

eLearning at Lansing Communtity College

eLearning Department
Technology and Learning Center, Room 427
Phone: (517) 483-1839
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Purpose: The eLearning Live Chat is intended for questions regarding D2L.

Hours of Live Chat Operation:
Monday - Friday
7:30 am - 4:00 pm

If the Live Chat is Offline, please contact the eLearning Department via email at or leave an offline message within the Live Chat client.

The eLearning Department will respond to emails and offline messages within one business day.