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Kathy Shell - METD105 Department Master

The eLearning Department Partnership with Kathy Shell Resulted in the Following Changes to the Department METD105 Master Course Site:

  • Reformatting of assignment pages into a tabbed web display to simplify and update the current content being used.
  • Modification of existing PowerPoints to include audio narration.
  • Discussions added for peer review and student collaboration.
  • Checklists added to each week with the readings and assignments due for that week.
  • The homepage for the site was reorganized so students could find the material they need quickly.
  • Added a pattern background theme that would be visually interesting without distracting students from the course content.
  • All changes made by the eLearning Department were reviewed to ensure ADA Compliance as well as meeting the Course Management System Standards.

Before and After Screenshots of the Department METD105 Online Master Course

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