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Writing Portfolio Information


WRIT 121 Checklist:

  • Portfolios must include two analytical expository essays, at least one of which uses MLA documentation.
  • The essays must be papers previously submitted for the course.
  • An incomplete portfolio will receive an automatic "no pass."
  • Papers with no internal references or a missing work cited page will be given a 0.0.
  • All borrowed material must be documented.

Grading of portfolios is as follows:

  • Your portfolio of final essays will be graded holistically by your instructor and by two external readers (other instructors teaching the class), based on the Writing Standards.
  • Your portfolio must receive at least a 2.0 (competency) from two of the three readers for you to receive a 2.0 or higher in the course.
  • If your portfolio receives a 2.0 or higher, your instructor will assign 100% of your grade.
  • If your portfolio does not receive a 2.0 or higher, you will receive 0.0-1.5 in the course, determined by your instructor.

Portfolios will be returned to you in class the last day of class (for face-to-face classes).

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