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Financial Aid Appeal: GPA/Completion Ratio

If your cumulative grade point average is below a 2.0, and/or your cumulative completion ratio is below 70%, you may use this form to appeal your academic eligibility for financial aid.

This form requires detailed information that will need to be obtained by researching your student account and other web sites.  Please allow ample time to complete this appeal.  When you have finished filling out the form please print a copy for your records, then click the "Submit" button below.
This form cannot be saved.

Student Information

First and Last Name

LCC ID (help)

LCC Email Address

Academic Information

You will need to access your Student Records and Transcript in myLCC to answer these questions (opens new window).

Have you completed an EDP in Academic Advising? (This is highly recommended.)

Declared Curriculum:

Occupational Goal:

Number of semesters attended:

Number of semesters where you passed every course (did not receive 0.0, I, W, etc. grades):

Cumulative Grade Point Average:

Cumulative Completion Ratio:

Total number of credits earned:

Financial Information

You will need to access your federal records at NSLDS to answer some of these questions (opens new window).

Total dollar amount in Loans borrowed:

Total dollar amount in Grants received:


Statement of Understanding

I am currently ineligible for financial aid and responsible for any tuition and fee charges.

A small percentage of appeals are approved.

This appeal will be reviewed by a committee and the decision is final.

I should check the status of this appeal in Banner Self-Service in approximately 4 weeks.

If enrolled, I am responsible for tuition and fees, and purchasing books and supplies by the start of class.

If enrolled, I should attend all regularly scheduled classes for each course.

Free tutoring is available for most courses in the Tutorial Services Department (opens new window).

Academic Advisors are available to help me prepare my class schedule and complete an Educational Degree Plan in the Advising Center (opens new window).

Licensed Professional Counselors are available to help me plan my career and deal with extenuating life circumstances in Support Services (opens new window).

Financial Aid Advisors are available to help me deal with special circumstances related to financial aid and academic success.

Student Development courses such as Techniques of Study, Career Planning, and Stress Prevention are available.

I am encouraged to take the course SDEV 101: First Year Experience where I can learn about Student Success.

Dropping a course after the refund period will negatively impact my completion ratio.

If this appeal is approved, I must pass each class (no W, I, Z, or 0.0 grades) and earn a minimum cumulative 2.0 semester GPA.

Statement of Appeal

This is your opportunity to explain to the Financial Aid Department why you have been academically unsuccessful. Take your time. Please be thorough.

Why have you been academically unsuccessful?

Why do you think you would be successful now?

Please list the courses you plan on enrolling in for the next semester.

Additional documentation is not required upon submission. However, if the Financial Aid Office requires additional documentation, you may be contacted via your LCC email to provide evidence of any circumstances noted in this appeal.

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