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Financial Aid Appeal: GPA/Completion Ratio

If your cumulative grade point average is below a 2.0, and/or your cumulative completion ratio is below 70%, you may use this appeal form to request an exception to reinstate your eligibility for financial aid.

This appeal form cannot be saved once started. To ensure your appeal statement(s) are complete, you can type your statement(s) in a word processing program and save the document for your records. You can copy and paste your statement(s) from your document into the statement fields on the appeal form below.

(* indicates required fields)

Student Information*

First and Last Name 

LCC Username (help)

LCC Email Address

Transcript Information

We highly recommend that you review your LCC Transcript and answer the following questions. You can view your transcript in myLCC (opens in new window).

Total Number of Credits Attempted at LCC (including transfer cr.)

Total Number of Credits Earned at LCC (including transfer cr.)

Completion Ratio Percentage (cr. earned divided by cr. attempted)

Grade Point Average

Number of semesters I have attended LCC

Number of semesters where I passed every course (1.0 and above)

Appeal Statement*

Please explain why you have been unable to maintain academic progress as defined by LCC's Satisfactory Academic Progress policy. Be sure to address each semester where your transcript reflects failed, dropped, withdrawn, incomplete, or courses below a 2.0.


Financial Information*

Please access your federal records at NSLDS (opens in new window) to answer the following questions.

Please list all colleges attended and degrees (if any) earned. (if none, write n/a)

Total dollar amount in Loans borrowed:

Total dollar amount in Grants received:

LCC Support Services

To aid in your success, please be aware that the Student Affairs Division offers an array of support services such as Counseling, Advising, and Tutoring.


Success Plan*

Please list your program of study and curriculum code number: (eligible programs of study)
Program Name: 
Program Code:  

Please share your motivation for completing this certificate or degree at LCC. 

Please share how any previous personal and/or academic extenuating circumstances have been resolved. 

Please share how you plan to be successful if your financial aid eligibility is reinstated.


I understand:

  • If I choose to enroll, or remain enrolled in courses, I am responsible for tuition and fee charges.
  • I should monitor my student requirements and check the status of this appeal in myLCC.
  • An Academic and/or Program Advisor can help me plan my course of study at LCC by completing an Educational Development Plan.
  • If this appeal is approved, I must pass each class (no W, I, Z, or 0.0 grades) and earn a minimum cumulative 2.0 semester GPA.


Additional documentation is not required upon submission. However, if the Financial Aid Appeal Committee members require additional documentation, you may be contacted via your LCC email to provide evidence of any circumstances noted in this appeal.

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