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Alumni Spotlights

There are over 500,000 individuals that have attended LCC since 1957. Individuals are considered alum after taking just one class.

The students of the past and today will always be our future.

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Rebecca Clark

Name: Rebecca Clark
Graduated: 1994-1996
Employer: Self Employed, LCC, MSU, AI of Michigan
Position: Fashion Consultant, Designer and Stylist, Adjunct Instructor

"Lansing Community College was the absolute perfect springboard that pushed me toward my success. While taking art and design courses at LCC, I rediscovered my passion for fashion design and was able to transfer my credits to Pratt Institute in New York, where I obtained a BFA. Throughout my career, I have had the good fortune to have worked with talented professionals such as Daisy Fuentes, Vera Wang, Lori Goldstein, Jill Stuart and LL Cool J. I now reside in Michigan once again where I maintain a successful fashion career!"

Mark S. Meadows

Name: Mark S. Meadows
Years Attended: 1979-1982
Employer: Michigan House of Representatives
Position: Assistant Leader



Bob Hoffman

Name: Bob Hoffman
Graduated: 1992
Employer: Wharton Center and
Position: Public Relations Manager at Wharton Center/Motivational Speaker, Trainer and Coach with

"I am a proud alumni of Lansing Community College and continue to be involved with the college as part of the Alumni Association. LCC was the perfect fit after high school by offering classes that held my interests, allowed me to establish college credit, was affordable, very convenient and had a staff that truly cared if I passed or failed. LCC gave me the confidence to move onward in my educational pursuits. Thanks to LCC and the AMAZING staff for being a great start to my educational career."

Milton L. Scales

Name: Milton L. Scales
Graduated: 1995
Employer: Department of Natural Resources and Environment (DNRE)
Position: Chief of the Office of Criminal Investigations

"LCC helped me enhance my focus, develop good study habits, and instilled in me a thirst for knowledge.  This combination of greater skills and enhanced confidence inspired me to pursue higher education where I ultimately earned a Master of Science in Administration.  My LCC background provided me with a new outlook on life; success happens when preparation meets opportunity!"

Stacy Kohmetscher

Name: Stacy Kohmetscher
Graduated: 1989
Employer: P.T. Goldteak Indonesia - A Teak Plantation with 3P: People, Planet and Profit principles-- Located in rural Java. Quiolà s.r.l (Italy) -- Travel Agency/ Villa Management Lake Como Italy
Position: Owner/President/Creator/Sales Manager/Managing Director

"LCC was not only an education for me, but also a support system. I was living on my own, 17 years old and wanting to discover my future. The entire system supported me through guidance counselors, to a job in the labs, and above all the courses ... their small sizes and inspiring teachers helped me focus when life was pretty unstable for me... in fact, i still remember many items learned in those courses! Meaning the teachers left a positive impact!"

Denise Rowe

Name: Denise Rowe
Graduated: 1984
Employer: Metaphor Maker Press LLC
Position: Owner, Publisher, Author

"At a time when I was considering a career change, LCC was the perfect choice for me to to re-train at an exceptional value. It provided me with a solid understanding of computers and the business world with the convenience of it being a local college. The recent publication of my book Dragonfly Denny: the Pursuit of Destiny required skills in many dimensions of business, computers and marketing; and my LCC education provided a wonderful foundation upon which I've been able to build through the years. I highly recommend consideration of what LCC has to offer as a component in anyone's education at any time of life"

Mike Raines

Name: Mike Raines
Graduated: 1976
Employer: Eaton County Sheriff's Office
Position: Sheriff

"Lansing Community College (LCC) helped me further my career working as a law enforcement professional, while studying for my degree in Law Enforcement. LCC offers an affordable, quality educational opportunity to prepare us for the professional workplace. As a former Crime Scene Investigator (CSI), Community Policing Coordinator, Deputy, Undersheriff and now, Sheriff, I believe LCC helped to provide me with the tools to succeed. After obtaining my degree, I had the wonderful opportunity to help others get theirs by working with the LCC Police Academy. As the Sheriff of Eaton County, serving the fine citizens of our community for over thirty years, I am proud to be an LCC Alum."

Nicole Noll-Williams

Name: Nicole Noll-Williams
Graduated: 1993
Employer: Capital Region Airport Authority
Position: Director, Regional Market Development

"Lansing Community College provided me with the technical tools to prepare me for my career in the travel industry. Of much greater importance to me is that the LCC experience was key in strengthening my morale and self-esteem. From the time I first enrolled at the college, I felt that the staff and instructors had my interest at heart. Having me be successful was a message conveyed in every meeting and in every course. The course materials and the support received outside the classroom have served me tremendously in every aspect of my career. I owe a lot to the College"

Charles Timothy Loader Jr.

Name: Charles Timothy Loader Jr.
Graduated: 1982
Employer: Michigan Department of State Police
Position: Commander - Sex Offender Registry & Enforcement Section

My decision to attend LCC was a result of affordability, convenience, and available curriculum. Following my honorable discharge from the U.S. Air Force, my desire to pursue a career in law enforcement began at LCC. While working full time as a state trooper, I completed an associates degree in criminal justice. My early success at LCC prompted me to pursue and complete my BA degree and start work towards my Masters, all while working full time for the State Police. There is no doubt that my early success at LCC layed the groundwork for future educational pursuits."

Cynthia Hudson

Name: Cynthia Hudson
Graduated: 1990
Employer: Lansing State Journal
Position: News Editor

"Lansing Community College made it possible for me to return to college to finish my degree when I was the mom of two young children. I was able to juggle my class schedule around my part-time jobs and family responsibilities. I also received a grant that helped to pay for my classes and without that I wouldn't have been able to afford to go to school. LCC offers an excellent, affordable way to accomplish your educational goals - whether it's additional training or preparation for transfer for a 4-year degree"

Rick Jones

Name: Rick Jones
Graduated: 1974
Employer: 71st District (Eaton County)
Position: State Representative and former Eaton County Sheriff

"The education and training I received at LCC helped me survive numerous times as a police officer. During my police career I was shot at twice and also stopped an armed robbery without a shot. The education also gave me the confidence and decision making skills to become a leader in my community both as Sheriff and Representative."

Kerri Whitenack

Name: Kerri Whitenack
Graduated: 1986 and 1992
Employer: Macy's System and Technology
Position: Manager, Infrastructure Systems Development and Middleware

"I got my original degree from LCC in Business Management. At my first job, I was almost immediately placed in a computer programming position. I decided to go back to LCC, while working full-time, to get my Data Processing degree. Now, many years later, I am using both degrees managing computer programmers."

Clint Richards

Name: Clint Richards
Graduated: 1993
Employer: Red Storm Entertainment
Position: Game Designer

"LCC helped convert me from a smart but underachieving kid into a driven and ambitious man. Strong writing, math, and communications skills are essential to my success every single day! The professors at LCC really invested in me and pushed me to succeed. I'm grateful for my experiences there."

Sarah Parker

Name: Sarah Parker
Years Attended: 1994-1996
Employer: CME Group
Position: Associate Director, Product Marketing

"After graduating high school, LCC provided me the opportunity to explore several areas of study before transferring to a four-year university. My early success in an LCC accounting course led me to pursue my BA with a major in Accounting from Michigan State University and, ultimately, my MBA from the Kellogg School of Business at Northwestern University. Now focused on marketing, my time at LCC not only helped me build the academic foundation for my professional career, but also the confidence to help pursue it."

Allyssa Narvaez

Name: Allyssa Narvaez
Graduated: 1999
Position: President

"Earning my degree with Lansing Community College has given my career the foundational necessities to become a successful business owner. As a Marketing Major I still use the business concepts learned while attending LCC. Such as the 4P's of Marketing, Investing, Business Management and Sales. I have managed and owned a portfolio of muliti-million dollar companies, the more recent While competing with companies such as and Careerbuilder, I've learned, the word of business never changes just the technology. I owe it all too LCC!! Thank You LCC."

Blake French

Name: Blake French
Years Attended: 2002-2005
Employer: AMC; Wilhelmina Models; Hungry City Guides
Position: Freelance Entertainment Journalist

"Duel enrollment while in high school helped me focus on a career path. When I graduated high school, my grades were decent, but not high enough to get into the colleges I was aiming for. I enrolled at LCC for a few semesters, reapplied, and got in!"

Robin Cleveland

Name: Robin Cleveland
Graduated: 1997
Employer: Cleveland Consulting, Inc., TruWisdom, Inspiring Women Collaborative
Position: President, Founder, and Partner

"When I walked into LCC for the first time as a mother of two small children and having been out of school for several years, I was terrified! The staff at LCC made it easy for me to start and continue in school despite the enormous challenges of working, raising children and going to college. They were with me every step of the way, helping me achieve my dreams and allowing me to help others make their dreams come true."

Michael Potyraj

Name: Michael Potyraj
Graduated: 1985
Employer: The Walt Disney World Company
Position: Sales Manager, Disney Youth Programs

"While at LCC, I was enrolled in the Media Technology program because I wanted to pursue a career in Audio Engineering. The education I received, along with the advise I received from my professors, convinced me to focus my efforts towards live sound production at Walt Disney World in Florida. In 1985, there were very few schools one could attend to study audio engineering or media production. LCC provided me with very a unique opportunity. The school made it very affordable for me to pursue the career path that I wanted and the end result has been nothing less than "magical!" LCC is a perfect example of how a smaller school can help to facilitate grand achievements."

Andrea King Collier

Name: Andrea King Collier
Years Attended: late 90's-2002
Position: Freelance Journalist and Book Author: Still With Me...A Daughter's Journey of Love and Loss, The Black Woman's Guide to Black Men's Health

"Even though I have a journalism degree, I wasn't using my training. Going to LCC and taking Linda Peckham's writing classes gave me the confidence to go forward with my work. And having the network of other students with the same goals meant all the world to me. I am still very much connected to the writers I met while taking classes at LCC."

Roxanne Francisco-Kurze

Name: Roxanne Francisco-Kurze
Years Attended: 2004-2006
Employer: Shockboogiedesign, LLC
Position: Founder/Creative Director/Senior Interactive Designer

"Lansing Community College has opened many doors for me. It helped me gain invaluable experiences through the education I received while I was enrolled in the Media Technology program which I have found very useful in today's creative industry. The LCC campus was always very friendly and diverse providing us, the students, with numerous options to get involved in the college and community which I can say has been the most rewarding during my stay."

Christopher Kelly

Name: Christopher Kelly
Graduated: 1987
Employer: Community Health Center of Branch County
Position: Director of the Cancer Center and Sleep Lab

"The Respiratory Therapy program at LCC was such a great experience where I met many new friends and launched my healthcare career.I returned to LCC in 1999 and earned my Associate of Healthcare Risk Management and Quality Review certificate in conjunction with the MHA Insurance Company.I am so grateful for what LCC has done for me; I have very fond memories of my time there!"

Mary Roszel

Name: Mary Roszel
Graduated: 1976
Employer: Biggby Coffee
Position: Co-Founder; VP Store Development

"I moved to the Lansingarea so that I could get an associates degree as a paralegal. I was a single parent and needed to work fulltime and my schedule at LCC made that possible. I was employed by the Michigan Supreme Court 13 years and without the associates degree from LCC it could have been much more difficult to get such employment to support my family. When my kids were in college, I was able to go to MSU fulltime and complete my degree."

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