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There will be enough room for you to attend. All RSVP's after 2pm on Friday, August 13th, will not make the printed list. So when you check-in you may have to fill out a form. We will do our best to add all RSVP's after 2pm today to the printed list in the morning.

The purpose of this workshop is to enhance your career and employment goals in these changing times by offering relevant tools and sessions.

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Education Beyond the Associates - Come and learn about LCC's University Center where over 40 baccalaureate and master's programs could move you on your way to an exciting career.

Road Map to Starting a Business - This introductory session helps aspiring entrepreneurs assess their abilities to lead and manage a company, as well as discussing the benefits and drawback of owning a business.  The basics of business ownership are introduced, along with resources available to help launch new ventures in Michigan. 

The Secret to Setting, Keeping, and Achieving Your Goals - The Secret to Setting, Keeping and Achieving Your Goals is simple! Inspirational speaker, Bob Hoffman, will share his personal life lessons that will help you keep focused and moving forward towards achieving the results you want, even if outside factors seem to prevent you from achieving your heart's desire.

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