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Employee Support Fund (ESF)

Important Message from Bill Motz, EDF Chairperson and Dan J. McKean, Executive Director as of April 4, 2014:

With reluctance we wish to inform you that the Employee Development Fund (EDF) has decided to discontinue the Employee Support Fund (ESF).  ESF has been a part of an admirable goal of EDF to support employees who experienced a severe and/or catastrophic event and who are in extreme or unusual circumstances.

LCC Payroll has been notified to stop taking ESF deductions from those who were giving in this manner.  Remaining funds in the ESF account will be given to the LCC Women's Resource/Returning Adult Scholarship Fund to assist LCC students who might not otherwise be able to return to school.

Some of the factors that led EDF to make this decision are:

Subjectivity of decision making - It became increasingly difficult for the ad hoc EDF members who serve as the ESF application review team to make decisions about what factors constitute a fundable request.  Every effort was made to be fair, but fellow employees should not be put in the position of making subjective decisions about their peers, or struggle with whether a request met the severe and/or catastrophic criteria.

Inability to maintain confidentiality - A limited group of people viewed requests for assistance, but again, fellow employees should not be put in the position of knowing the confidential information about their peers that was required in the applications.

Misunderstanding regarding the funding of ESF - many EDF members did not understand that their EDF contributions did not support ESF.  EDF dues and contributions support EDF programs and professional development grants.  ESF contributions funded emergency assistance requests.  Magnified by the recent severe economic downturn, donations to ESF could not keep pace with the amount assistance requested.

EDF wishes to thank those who supported ESF.  LCC employees care and desire to help each other.  We encourage you to continue supporting other organizations in the community whose mission is to help those in need.  Visit: for a list of organizations.


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