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Radiologic Technology Program
Frequently Asked Questions

When does the Radiologic Technology Program start?
The program starts every August at the beginning of Fall Semester, and continues for 21 consecutive months.

Is the program full time? Is there a part-time option?
The program is full time, and there is no part time option. Students move through five semesters of courses as a cohort. There is only one section offered for each course in the program. Each semester (except summer) there is classroom work at the college, combined with clinical courses as local hospitals and medical centers. Summer semester is 40 hours of clinical per week.

Can I keep my job during the program?
Most of the students in the program do have part-time employment. Keep in mind that jobs must work around the class and clinical schedule.

Where are the clinical sites located?
The program cooperates with 13 clinical sites in several counties. We have sites in Lansing, Howell, Hastings, Charlotte, St. Johns, East Lansing and Ionia. Students will be assigned to two different clinical sites over the course of the program. Students are assigned to the various assignments by the Clinical Coordinator. Students must have dependable transportation for getting to any of the clinical sites. Students do not get to select their own clinical assignments.

How often are students assigned to clinical?
1st semester:2 days/wk
2nd semester: 2 days/wk
3rd semester-5 days/wk (40 hrs)
4th semester-3 days/wk
5th semester-3 days/wk

How many students a year are accepted into the program? How is the selection made?
At this time, the program accepts 28 students a year. Students are accepted based on a point system which is explained in the Advising Guide. Students with the most points are offered a seat in the program. Since the pool of applicants changes every year, the number of points needed to gain acceptance changes every year.

When is the application deadline?
The deadline for fall admission each year is May 1st. Classes taken spring semester each year may be counted toward the admission requirements.  May 17th is the date for courses transferring in each year.

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