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C3R Frequently Asked Questions


What is C3R? C3R stands for The Coalition for College and Career Readiness (C3R). C3R is an alliance of concerned individuals and organizations in the Lansing tri-county area passionate about college and career readiness of high school graduates.

What are the C3R goals? The goals of C3R are to increase academic success for students from pre-kindergarten to college; to increase the college-going rate, and to reduce the number of Lansing tri-county area college students requiring developmental coursework in college.

Why has the C3R been formed? C3R has been formed to address the situation in which many new college students - most are high school graduates - find themselves. In a nutshell, required placement exams show students are not prepared for college. To address this situation, most colleges and universities, including LCC, offer courses in - and charge college tuition for - reading, writing and mathematics courses that do not lead to a college degree. In 2013 62 percent of students entering LCC who had graduated from high school took at least one college-preparatory class in reading, writing or math.

What will C3R do? The Coalition will be organized into core work groups. These work groups will examine aspects of K-12 education in the Lansing tri-county area public schools and of the college-going experience to discover areas where improvements can be made.

Will LCC 'Fix' the schools? No. LCC is one among many C3R partners. Any 'fix' will come from collective thinking and action. LCC will contribute ideas like any other C3R partner.
Who can get involved? Everyone. It is urgent that Lansing tri-county area residents keen on student success get involved. Faculty and staff of the public schools in Ingham, Clinton and Eaton Counties, business, industry and the community, especially non-profit organizations awarding scholarships or providing social and academic services to youth, must see C3R as a part of their work.

What is the first step? Most partners will get started with C3R at the summit, Passport to Success: Coalition for College and Career Readiness. This summit pulls all the C3R partners together in a call to action. LCC will host the summit 5:30p Monday, October 13, 2014, at its West Campus, 5708 Cornerstone Drive, just north of Mount Hope Highway between Creyts Road and Snow Road in Delta Township. The building is visible from I-496.

I see. If I have other questions, who do I contact? Call LCC K-12 Relations Office, Elaine Miles, Lead Support, at (517)483-9658 or send an e-mail to

What is a Bridge program? Bridge programs are an accepted and effective way of strengthening core college-level skills. They are offered at colleges and universities all over the U.S. and most commonly occur the summer before a student's first semester in college.

What happens in the C3R Summer Bridge Program?  In the C3R Summer Bridge Program students can expect to learn what it is to be a college student while increasing their reading skill and building confidence. The Summer Bridge Program arms students for the challenging demands of college. It is offered on Lansing Community College's main campus.

Who can participate in the C3R Summer Bridge Program at LCC? Recent high school graduates in Ingham, Clinton and Eaton counties who have completed AccuPlacer Assessments are encouraged to apply for Bridge.

What strategies are in place to ensure success? Like many LCC classes, the Bridge program offers small class sizes, expert instructors, wrap-around campus services and small group assistance. To make sure students stay on pace, the Summer Bridge program uses student progress reports.

What are wrap-around services? Colleges and universities offer more than classes. They offer the support services students need to earn their certificates and degrees. Some of these services are academic advising, counseling, financial aid, and tutoring. The Bridge program includes these services.

Will participating in the C3R Summer Bridge Program help me to get a job? Not directly. The Bridge experience provides the skills needed to compete.

Will students like the Bridge instructors? Bridge instructors are selected for experiences, education and specialization that relate to Bridge students. Some instructors have taught in high school and some have worked with new college students.

Will participating in the Bridge program help me feel more comfortable on campus? Absolutely! Bridge students learn the campus during the slower summer session, so when fall semester starts they feel at home.

How long is the C3R Summer Bridge Program? The Bridge program is the length of the regular LCC summer session. That is 8 weeks.

Is there a cost? All tuition, fees and cost of textbooks are paid for Bridge students. This totals an estimated $1,000 college value.

K-12 Relations at Lansing Community College

Coalition for College and Career Readiness (C3R)
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