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Summer Bridge Program

The Pilot Summer Bridge Program began Summer of 2014.  It is part of the Coalition for College and Career Readiness, and designed to strengthen core college skills, fill in potential gaps in academic reading, and build student confidence.  Upon successful completion of the 8 week courses, students will receive 8 college credits tuition free.  Additionally students will learn about the campus, learn more about campus resources, and visit at least one university.

Classes Included

  • Essential Reading Strategies (READ 150)
  • Academic Success Strategies (SDEV 090)

Summer Bridge FAQ

What is a Bridge program? Bridge programs are an accepted and effective way of strengthening core college-level skills. They are offered at colleges and universities all over the U.S. and most commonly occur the summer before a student's first semester in college.

What happens at the C3R Summer Bridge program? In the C3R Summer Bridge Program student can expect to learn what it is to be a college student while increasing their reading skill and building confidence. The Summer Bridge Program arms students for the challenging demands of college. It is offered on Lansing Community College's main campus.

Who can participate in the C3R Summer Bridge Program at LCC?  Recent high school graduates in Ingham, Clinton and Eaton counties who have a 2 or 3 reading level and a 2 in writing on the AccuPlacer Assessment are encouraged to apply for Bridge.

What strategies are in place to ensure success?  Like many LCC classes, the Bridge program offers small class sizes, expert instructors, wrap-around campus services and small group assistance. To make sure students stay on pace, the Summer Bridge program uses student progress reports.



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