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Sale Etiquette

We kindly ask that you observe the following sale etiquette in order to promote a positive experience for all sale goers.

No Hoarding

To facilitate equal access to sale materials and offer a positive experience for sale goers, hoarding is not tolerated at the Big Book Bash.

Hoarding is defined as the practice of an individual accumulating more than 100 items without making a payment.

Sale staff reserve the right to ask you to pay for your items before accumulating more potential purchases, no matter how many items you have accumulated.

Carry Items You Plan to Purchase With You While Browsing

Please do not place sale items you plan to purchase in containers
under sale tables and leave them unattended.

If you are unable to carry items you plan to purchase with you as
you browse, please make a purchase.

If you are waiting to make a group purchase, please wait with your items in a designated sorting area.

Sort Items in Designated Sorting Areas

If you need to sort your items prior to purchase, please do so in the
designated sorting areas.

Do not congregate or sort books in or around stairwells or other
common areas.

Please return items you decide not to purchase to the appropriate table.

Remove Items You Have Purchased From the Library

Due to space constraints we cannot store purchased items for later
retrieval. A dolly may be available to assist you in removing items you
have purchased from the Library.

Observe Sale Closing Time

Please bring your purchases to the payment table 10 minutes
before Library Closing. Transactions will not be completed after the
Library closes.

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