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Book Club Guidelines

The Library encourages the promotion of literacy and learning through book clubs, however we are unable to facilitate or organize book clubs. To assist LCC student and employee book clubs the Library will offer support in the following ways:

  • If the Library owns the book your group is reading, you may request that it be placed on reserve for up to one semester.
  • Book club organizers may submit a Material Suggestion form to request the purchase of their the book being read. The Library will purchase up to 3 copies of your book and make them available on reserve.
  • Book clubs may reserve space in the Library for meetings by contacting the Library Department office at 483.1647.
  • To promote interest, the Library will have periodic displays highlighting campus book clubs and will maintain a webpage listing current book club books, meeting times, and locations. It is the responsibility of club organizers to request book club information be included on the webpage and featured in the displays.

LCC Library support for book clubs is only extended to book clubs sponsored by LCC programs and departments. Student book clubs must have a faculty or employee sponsor.

The Library cannot obtain volume discounts for book club book purchases.

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