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Eric Winans (READ 114): I brought my classes to the library for a lesson on website evaluation. The students were exposed to both legitimate websites and others of questionable validity. The hands-on experience offered by the library staff greatly increased their understanding of this topic.

Susan Frost Perry (MKTG 100): Each semester, library staff create a research tutorial customized to my assigned project and also to specific questions that students submit in advance. The sessions are focused and interactive. Students gain confidence as they are able to find information and develop individual research topics.

Mary Beth Heeder (WRIT 121): Each semester I have a library staff member visit my Writing 121 class. My students consistently evaluate this class period as one of the most helpful. The student's comments are confirmed by the quality of the essays the students submit after the library presentation (they are much better) and the final portfolio essays.

Jennifer Arbogast (READ 111): "Research" is scary enough for students, but for those who have had little computer exposure, it can be very daunting! I bring my READ 111 students to the library. The librarians do an excellent job of keeping the instruction as basic as it needs to be, while giving options for some to explore the databases even more.

Rosalie Petrouske (Writing 122/32): My students always comment after a library session that the information is applicable, not just to their writing course but to other classes they are taking. They write stronger papers with credible sources. Every time I attend with my students, I learn something new myself.

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