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Computer   Starting with the Web...

The Web is great at providing current and popular information. The web is excellent at providing the latest news and most current information but may not be as useful for comprehensive or retrospective data needed for academic research. Information on the Web may become quickly dated or disappear altogether. 

Web information is published by a variety of sources. The Web can be a good source for gathering a wide range of ideas and for sampling public opinion. Anyone can publish on the Web! Experts, journalists, consumers and even children all write Web pages. Be sure to evaluate the information you find because most information on the Web does not go through a review process, hence it may not be reliable, credible, or authoritative.

The Web generates large quantities of information. As you know, the Web generates large amounts of information. Directory services like Yahoo provide useful organized links to this vast amount of information. Unfortunately, at this time there is way too much information for a single directory service or search engine to organize and index effectively.

The Web is convenient for shopping. Websites make purchasing books, music, airline tickets, clothing, and so many other resources convenient. But when it comes to research, many web pages are free to view but will often charge a fee to access their information or help.

The Web provides a link to the Library. The Web and the Library are not two distinctly different things. The LCC Library website is a site where information is accessible around the clock just like other Web information.

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