This is a screen print of the LCC Library catalog menu.

On the right side of the page 9 ways to search the catalog are listed: Keyword; Subject; Title; Author; Journal Title; Call Number; ISBN/ISSN; Advanced Keyword; and Course Search.

You start with keyword search when you open the catalog.

In the search area, the words "Search The Library Catalog" appear at the top. Under this title is a row with three boxes. The first is a drop-down menu box that allows you to select the type of search you want: Keyword; Subject; Author; Title; and Journal Title. The second box is a text box where you enter search terms. The third box is another drop-down menu box that allows you to choose a format, such as Books, Music Recordings or Entire Catalog. To the right of the third box is a Search button.

Links to catalog services and information are listed in the dropdown at the top of the page. The first dropdown menu reads: My Account; LCC Text Books; Magazines, Newspapers & Journals. The second row reads: Catalog Home; Library Home; LCC Home.  The second dropdown reads: My Library Account; View and Renew; Book a Study Room.  The third dropdown reads: Can't Find It?; Borrowing from Other Libraries; Research Databases (Articles and More); Suggest a Purchase.  The fourth dropdown reads: What's New?; Featured Items.  The fifth dropdown reads: Contact the Library; Submit a Comment Card; Library Staff Directory; Library Liaison Program; Phone Numbers and Directories; Library Catalog Survey.