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Ways to Search the Catalog

There are several options for searching the catalog:

Type of Search

What It Does
Keyword Locates any records that include your search term or terms
Subject Locates records for items about your search term
Title Searches for titles beginning with the words you enter.
Author Used to locate books by a particular author.
Journal Title Locates records for magazine, journal or newspaper titles that are in the Librarynot individual articles
Call Number Searches by Call Number
ISBN/ISSN Searches by ISBN number for books and ISSN number for periodicals.
Advanced Keyword Combine more than one idea in your search or limit by location, format, language, or year.
Course Reserves Search Used to find course materials placed on reserve by an instructor.

In this section of LINKS, you'll learn to search by Subject, Keyword, Title, Author, Journal Title, and Course Reserves. You'll also learn how to view your own checkouts and renewals.

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