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Keyword Search Tips

If you do an Advanced Keyword search or a search with no results you will see the following search tips.

Tip Explanation
Check Spelling Check your spelling. online dictionary.
Use Different Words Try owls rather than the spotted owl or try employment rather than jobs.
Boolean Operators AND/OR

Use "and" to narrow your search by finding ALL of the words.
Example: teenagers and text messaging

Use "or" to broaden your search by finding ANY of the words.
Example: hurricanes or tornados


Searches variations of a word. Example: Teen* finds teen, teens, teenage, teenager

You may also use a question mark (?) to replace a single character anywhere within a word..
Example: wom?n

Phrase Searching

Search for two or more words together as a phrase by using quotation marks.
Example: marketing research

Try Another Library
If you dont find what you need at LCC Library, try searching other Michigan libraries.

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