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QR Codes

Wondering what those funny graphics on Library signage and publicity are all about? On this page you'll find out how these graphics can help you get more out of the Library and why we are using them.

What Are QR Codes?

Short for Quick Response Code, a QR code is a scannable code that provides information. With a Smartphone and a QR code reader app, you can scan a QR code with your phone camera to access the information contained in the code. QR codes can contain simple contact information as well as links to web sites/web pages and multimedia.

Some common places QR codes appear include:

  • product packaging
  • magazine advertisements
  • direct mail
  • directional signage
  • and now, in the LCC Library

Why Are QR Codes In The LCC Library?

The LCC Library is experimenting with using QR codes to help point you in the right direction where you are, when you need it; and to provide more convenient options for you.

For example, if you're in the Library and want to book a study or multimedia room, but there is a long line at the Multimedia Desk--just wander over to the room you want to reserve, take a picture of the QR code on the room sign, and book it online right there! If you are looking at a Library display, take a picture of the QR code to get more information about the topic.

We are just getting started with QR Codes, so if you have questions, comments, recommendations, or any other feedback, please let us know!

How Do I Use QR Codes?

If you have a Smartphone and a QR code reader app, you simply take a picture of the image. Once you take a picture of the QR code, your mobile device will either display text, images, video, or a link to a website that provides additional information.

If you don't have a Smartphone, you can still take advantage of the additional information provided in most LCC Library QR codes by entering the URL listed below the QR code into a browser.

What Does A QR Code
Look Like?

QR Code for Research Tutorials web pageScanning this QR Code will take you to our Research Tutorials web page.

Find a QR Code Reader App

You can find a list of readers compatible with various types of mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, Android, and more) on the Mobile-Barcodes website.

We also recommend Redlaser and Best Barcode Scanner (available in the Apple App store).

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