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International Travel

Faculty-Led Study-Abroad Proposals Sought

Lansing Community College students and community members will have the opportunity for additional learning opportunities around the globe in 2013 under new faculty-led study-abroad programs.

LCC faculty are encouraged to submit proposals for study-abroad programs by Friday, November 5, 2012 for experiences proposed to run in 2013. Proposals are intended to be for short-term study-abroad programs of two to three weeks running sometime between May 15 and August 15, 2013. Proposed study-abroad programs should:

  • Be tied to strategic and academic goals of the College;
  • Offer an opportunity for academic credit to benefit students, but be available to community members on a non-credit basis;
  • Be as reasonably priced as possible for students and be cost-effective for the College.

Up to two faculty study-abroad proposals will be accepted for 2013. The new short-term study abroad programs will be administered by the College's Community Education and Workforce Development Division in cooperation with the Academic Affairs Division. The College's existing study-abroad programs, the Japan Immersion work-study program and Japan Education Internship, will continue under the leadership of the Academic Affairs Office and the Arts & Sciences Division.

Feel free to contact Professor Marc Thomas at with questions.