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LCC Youth Program

LCC Youth Program Summer

Summer 2016
June 20 - August 12, 2016
LCC East, LCC North, and West Campus
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The LCC Youth Program is offering GATE and A+ Classes for Summer 2016! Our goal is to offer your student a wide variety of opportunities to enjoy high caliber academic pursuit in the fields of technology, science, math, engineering, art, Sports Camps and more. Discovering a sense of wonder and enthusiasm for learning, our classes are designed with a maximum of hands-on involvement so that your student is inspired to strive for further academic investigation. The pursuit of knowledge is a life-long adventure! Energize your summer, meet new friends and experience new and exciting learning opportunities with Summer Youth Programs.

Lansing Community College is keeping young minds engaged and stimulated to learning experiences during the long summer months. Your student may discover that learning with this hands-on approach opens up a whole new world of possibility!

LCC A+ Summer Youth College would like to thank the following generous sponsors for their continued support:


Lansing Community College - Youth Program
Phone: 517-483-1415

Youth Program Registration Steps

Help prepare your student for Youth Program Summer Youth College by completing Steps 1-4 prior to  June 2016.


Read Important Message to Parents here.


The Recommendation Form (for GATE Classes only) must be filled out by the student's teachers prior to registration. The Recommendation Form is valid for (12) months from time submitted. The Recommendation Form can be mailed, faxed, or emailed to:

  • Lansing Community College Youth Program
    2827 Eyde Parkway
    East Lansing, MI 48823
    Phone: (517) 483-1415
    Fax: (517) 483-9750

Only 1 Recommendation Form will  be needed per year (not needed if submitted Fall 2015 & Spring 2016).

Additional Forms required for all LCC Youth Program. Please print and bring with you on the first day of class:

  1. PDF file Parent Contact and Release Form
  2. PDF file Internet Use Agreement


For scholarship information, please contact Ethan at the Youth Program Office by calling (517) 483-9308 or emailing


To enroll your child:

  • Visit our LCC Online Mall at: for convenient registration and payment processing using your debit, credit, pre-paid credit/debit card.
    • LCC Online Mall can only register one child at a time. If you would like to register two or more children, you will need to make multiple registrations.
    • For Tuition Waiver, a promotional code must be used in LCC Online Mall. To obtain your promotional code, please contact Ethan at (517) 483-9308 or


Once your student has completed the LCC Youth GATE/ A+ program, please complete:
Parent Evaluation and Student Evaluation, which will be made available at the end of Summer Session (one survey per student).

Questions: We are happy to assist you with questions regarding the Youth Program by phone at: (517) 483-1415.

Summer Course Offerings (Click below)

The LCC Summer Youth Program  runs from June 20 through August 12 2016! Classes will be posted as they become available.
Choose your class by week or grade:



Summer 2016 Youth Classes by Week

AM Classes PM Classes Full-Day Classes
Week #1
June 20
June 24
Prehistoric Predators (2-3)
Case of Felix Navidad (4-5)
Robotics (9-12)
Police Academy (6-9)
STEM Camp (6-8)
Athena, Thor, More (4-5)
Airplanes & Drones (6-8)
Week #2
June 27-July 1
Comic Book Commander (2-3)
Build A 'Bot (4-5)
Python Programing with Raspberry Pi (6-8)
Robotics (6-8)
Computer Fab Lab-A
Science with Experiments (2-3)
Dig Into the Past (4-5)
CSI: Gate Detectives (4-5)
Junior Journalists (6-9)
Week #3
July 4-8
No Classes- 4th of July Break No Classes- 4th of July Break No Classes- 4th of July Break
Week #4
July 11-15
STEM Camp (4-5)
Robotics (4-5)
Rockets & Robots (6-8)
Big Zoo (2-4)
Big Zoo Explorers A-2 (5-8)
Week #5
July 18-22
Dance Around the World (2-3)
Master Builders (2-3)
Science Wizards (2-3)
Classroom Arcade (4-5)
Fun with Photoshop (6-8)
Scope it Out (6-9)
Pickle Power (2-3)
May the Force Be with You(4-5)
Doodlemania (6-8)
Miniature Golf Challenge (6-8)
Week #6
July 25-29
Mystery of Missing Bear (2-3)
Body on the Move (4-5)
Constructing Robotics Advanced (4-5)
3D Printing (9-12)
Computer Fab Lab-B (9-12)
Fun with Physics (2-3)
Capture the Moment (9-12)
Week #7
August 1-5
Curious Creature Crafts (4-5)
STEM Camp NORTH (4-5)
The Science and Art of Game Design
It's To Dye For (6-8)
Cartooning: Just Heads (9-12)
Week #8
August 8-12
So Sew (6-8)
100% Fun Stats - Advanced (9-12)
Doodlemania (9-12)



Summer 2016 Youth Classes by Instructor

AM Classes PM Classes Full-Day Classes
Greg Butts
Karen Delaney Master Builders (2-3 Week 5)
Constructing Robotics Advanced (4-5 Week 6)
Pickle Power (2-3 Week 5)
Julia Freije Science Wizards (2-3 Week 5)
Emma Hill Dance Around the World (2-3 Week 5)
Body on the Move (4-5 Week 6)
Lucas Hill Dig Into the Past (4-5 Week 2)
Robert Hipple Robotics (9-12 Week 1)
Robotics (6-8 Week 2)
Robotics (4-5 Week 4)
Sean Huberty Computer Fab Lab-A (9-12 Week 2)
Computer Fab Lab-B (9-12 Week 6)
ITEC Python Programing with Raspberry Pi (Week 2)
The Science and Art of Game Design (Week 7)
Maria Johnson
Zak Konett Prehistoric Predators (2-3 Week 1)
Comic Book Commander (2-3 Week 2)
Athena, Thor, More (4-5 Week 1)
STEM (4-5 Week 6)
Big Zoo (2-4 Week 4)
Mission to Mars (5-6 Week 7)

ML Konett CSI: Gate Detectives (4-5 Week 2)
May the Force Be with You(4-5 Week 5)
Big Zoo Explorers A-2
(5-8 Week 4)
Mission to Mars
(7-8 Week 7)
Jennifer Lathom STEM Camp (4-5 Week 4)
STEM Camp (6-8 Week 1)
STEM Camp NORTH (4-5 Week 7)
Mary Matzke
Carol McGrath Case of Felix Navidad (4-5 Week 1)
Build A 'Bot (4-5 Week 2)
Classroom Arcade (4-5 Week 5)
Mystery of Missing Bear (2-3 Week 6)
Science with Experiments (2-3 Week 2)
Rockets & Robots (6-8 Week 4)
Miniature Golf Challenge (6-8 Week 5)
Fun with Physics (2-3 Week 6)
Frank Medrano Police Academy (6-9 Week 1)
Aaron Mundale 3D Printing
Alicia Musser Scope it Out (6-9 Week 5)
Dennis Preston Doodlemania (6-8 Week 5)
Cartooning: Just Heads
(9-12 Week 7)
Doodlemania (9-12 Week 8)
Thorin Teague Fun with Photoshop (6-8 Week 5)
Pam Tobin Airplanes & Drones (6-9 Week 1)
Junior Journalists (6-9 Week 2)
Capture the Moment (9-12 Week 6)
Trudie Wilson So Sew (6-8 Week 8)
Curious Creatures Crafts (4-5 Week 7)
So Sew (9-12 Week 2)
It's to Dye For (6-8 Week 7)

Location (other than LCC East)

Summer 2016 Youth Classes at LCC North and West Campus

AM Classes PM Classes Full-Day Classes
LCC North Python Programing with Raspberry Pi (Week 2 6-8)
STEM Camp (4-5 Week 7)
The Science and Art of Game Design (Week 7 6-8)
West Campus Police Academy (6-9 Week 1)
3D Printing(Week 6)
Computer Fab Lab-A(9-12 Week 2)
Computer Fab Lab-B (9-12 Week 6)

For more information about our free swim lessons, view our Learn to Swim site by clicking here


Our LCC Youth Programs are offered at various Extension Centers of Lansing Community College.

LCC East


LCC East
2827 Eyde Parkway
East Lansing, MI 48823

Map this location

(517) 483-1860

Visit LCC East Website


With thirteen classrooms, excellent instructors, free parking and many amenities and services to help students be successful, LCC East is convenient for MSU guest students and those who live and work in the Haslett, Okemos, East Lansing, and Williamston areas. Visit LCC East for hours of operation and services.

LCC East


LCC North
1013 S. US 27 (S. Pointe Mall)
St. Johns, MI 48879

Map this location

(989) 224-2017

Visit LCC North Website


LCC North is a full service center with a variety of essential student services and multiple class offerings ideal for students living in surrounding communities. LCC North is conveniently located at the Clinton County Regional Educational Service Agency (CCRESA) building on U.S. 27 in St. Johns. The staff is ready and available to help. You are welcome to stop in, take a tour and learn how to start near and go far!

LCC East


West Campus
5708 Cornerstone Drive
Lansing, MI 48911

Map this location

(517) 483-1415

Visit West Campus Website

Lansing Community College West Campus facility is located in Delta Township. It houses the Michigan Technical Education Center (M-TEC) and a Technical Training Center. Construction was completed on the 290,536 square foot facility in 2004. Included in the facility are community partnerships with companies such as General Motors, Haas, Lincoln Welding, and Siemens Building Technologies.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How does my child qualify for GATE?

The Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) Program requires a recommendation form signed by the student's classroom instructor or school principal. The recommendation form is valid for (12) months from time submitted.  We do not look at report cards or test scores, so enrollment is easy. The A+ Classes are open enrollment for all students, no recommendation form required.

What if my child is home schooled, will they still be able to participate in the LCC Youth Program?

We welcome all students-public, private or home schooled. The home school parent/instructor is required to certify reading and comprehension levels for the grade level of the applicant.

Do we have to live in Ingham, Eaton, Clinton, Shiawassee, or Livingston counties to participate?

No, we welcome all students, including international visitors.

What supplies does my child need?

For most classes all supplies are included. Some specialty classes such as Youth Police Academy require a dress code and photography classes require the students to supply their own camera.

Is there Scholarship assistance available?

The Lansing Community College Foundation awards Scholarships based on donations from generous sponsors.

Scholarships are awarded to those qualify on a first-come-first serve basis, until funds are depleted. Scholarships are awarded to students who otherwise would not be able to attend based on family income. Certain Scholarships have criteria, in addition to family income, that must be met to qualify. If awarded, the Scholarship will pay for one class in full per youth. You must fill out a Scholarship Application to be considered.

Contact Ethan at the LCC Youth Program Office if you wish to be considered for a Scholarship. Ethan can be reached by email at or by phone at 517-483-9308.

Would you like to submit a question to be answered by our LCC Youth Program Staff?

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