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Mathematica For Students

Mathematica for Students has all the functionality and versatility of Mathematica, making it the perfect software to give you the edge in your educational and professional pursuits.

  • Mathematica can help you master concepts, so you'll do better in school (and after graduation).

  • You can use Mathematica for a variety of courses, homework assignments, and projects without needing to buy specialized software for each task.

  • Mathematica requires little time investment to learn, so you can start using it immediately.

  • Using Mathematica means you'll be learning a software that is used by Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, research labs, and universities worldwide.

Resources For Students

Get support through the Student Support Forum.

Sign up for free online seminars, such as "S01: An Overview of Mathematica for Education".

Download pre-built examples and courseware from the Wolfram Demonstrations Project, MathWorld, and the Library Archive.

Get support and expand your knowledge among the wide range of self-help options in the Wolfram support center.

About to graduate? Contact Wolfram Research to take advantage of its Professional Upgrade Offer.

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