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Information for High School Counselors & Educators

We hope the information presented here will be helpful when working with students who are considering attending Lansing Community College. Students are responsible for identifying themselves to the Office of Disability Support Services (ODSS) and providing documentation of their disability in order to receive accommodations.

Eligibility for Services What ODSS can do/ODSS Staff Steps to getting started Helpful Links

General information regarding Lansing Community College offerings are available at:

Mission of ODSS

The mission of ODSS is to support student success by:

  • Providing appropriate accommodations and services to eligible individuals with disabilities

  • Helping students take responsibility for their own learning/education and

  • Providing supportive services to help students with disabilities overcome barriers to success

Eligibility for Services

Click here for documentation requirements

The following chart offers comparisons of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) used to determine Special Education services K-12, and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) for documented special needs students in the post secondary setting.


What the Office of Disability Support Services (ODSS) can do for you and your students.

Office of Disability Support Services (ODSS) staff may attend IEP meetings and present information regarding Lansing Community College services and accommodations. In order to the make best use of this visit, ODSS requests the following:

  • Schools may request ODSS staff to attend IEPs if students plan to attend Lansing Community College after graduation
  • IEPs for potential Lansing Community College students should be grouped together on the same day, is possible
  • Students must be in attendance of the IEP meetings

A minimum of a three week notice is needed in order to schedule ODSS staff with IEP meetings.

ODSS staff members can provide accommodation plans for eligible students, and provide referral to campus and community resources.  ODSS staff members are available to serve as a point of contact for students with disabilities as the students work to navigate Lansing Community College.  Appointments can be scheduled in advance for daytime or early evening by calling Support Services at (517)483-1924.

ODSS team members work together to serve high schools within Lansing Community College's service area.  Please call Support Services at (517)483-1924 and ask to speak with an ODSS team member to arrange your visit or get answers to questions. 

ODSS staff may also present at high schools to groups of special needs students interested in attending Lansing Community College.


Steps to Getting Started

For college placement tests (CPTs), ACT, SAT and other waiver information, please contact the Assessment Center at

Potential Lansing Community College students should take the following steps in order to access ODSS services:

Apply to LCC online ( Be sure to start early. Students should apply one semester before they intend to take classes.

Take the Computerized Placement Tests (CPTs) to obtain the reading, writing and math levels required for most LCC classes. The tests are multiple choice, untimed and available on a walk-in basis (if a student requires a reader or quiet room for the placement tests, then see below).

** Students requiring the assistance of a reader must call the Reader Services office at (517) 483-1225 to schedule a reader for the placement tests at least five days in advance. No documentation is required for this accommodation (except math -- see below). NOTE: Readers can only read the tests EXACTLY as the tests are written. Readers are not able to re-word, clarify or explain anything within the tests.

**Students with documented math disabilities must provide ODSS with a copy of their PSYCHOLOGICAL EVALUATION which diagnoses a learning disability in the area of math in order to take the math placement test with a simple calculator. Students who believe they are eligible to use a simple calculator on the assessment should call Support Services at (517) 483-1924 in order to arrange for a documentation review. If the student is approved for a calculator, the student will receive a permission slip allowing for a calculator use on the Math CPT. Students should start the Math CPT at the highest level with which they are comfortable.

**Students who desire to use a quiet room ONLY (no reader) for the CPTs, must call the appropriate phone number to reserve a room:
Main Campus Assessment Center (517) 267-5500
East Campus (517) 483-9607
West Campus (517) 267-5452
Clinton County (St. Johns) (989) 224-2017
Livingston Campus (Howell) (517) 545-3522

**Students requiring the assistance of a sign language interpreter must contact Cody Mathis at (517) 267-5690 or to schedule the necessary accommodations at least five days in advance.


HELPFUL LINKS for information of orientation for new students at Lansing Community College. for information on what the Women's Resource Center/Returning Adult Program has to offer. for information on placement tests, waivers and other services offered at the Assessment Center. for students who are first generation college students, meet income guidelines, or have a documented physical or learning disability. for Michigan Rehabilitation Services career and employment services.
Great Lakes ADA and Accessible Information Technology Center
(800)949-4232 (voice/TTY)

ADA Informational Line U.S. Department of Justice
(800)514-6301 (voice)
(800)514-0383 (TTY) OR

Transition of Students with Disabilities to Postsecondary Education: A Guide for High School Educators

We hope this information has been helpful. Should you have any questions, feel free to contact ODSS Staff by e-mail or phone (517)483-1924.


Office of Disability Support Services at Lansing Community College

Disability Support Services
Gannon Building - StarZone
Phone: (517) 483-1924
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