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The Genevieve Macomber Scholarship


Ms. Genevieve Macomber was a lovely woman who took language classes for sheer enjoyment years ago at Lansing Community College. She used accommodations for her visual impairment through Office of Disability Support Services. Upon her death, Ms. McComber left an endowment to LCC’s Foundation to use as a scholarship for special needs students at Lansing Community College.

Scholarship Focus

This scholarship was created to afford LCC students without funding the opportunity to be evaluated for a learning disability/ADD/ADHD up to the cost of $600.00.

Number of Awards

Three students may be awarded annually: one fall, one spring and one summer semester.

Medical Professionals

Office of Disability Support Services can recommend a psychologist to perform the evaluation or the candidate may select his or her own licensed psychologist. If the student chooses a psychologist, ODSS reserves the right to assess the credentials of said professional to determine credibility. This may result in denial of a potential evaluator.

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Macomber Scholarship Application Guidelines:

1.  Applicants for this scholarship must be registered for LCC classes at the time they apply.

2.  Applicants must prove a 2.0 GPA minimum at LCC or at the last educational institution they attended. Transcripts are required.

3.  Applicants must apply for each semester that they wish to be considered for this award. If they are not awarded one semester, they may request their materials be forwarded for the next semester. One award per student.

4.  Completed applications may be handed in and date stamped at the front counter of Support Services, 204 GB, to the attention of Kim Cory or they may be e-mailed to It is advisable for the applicant to contact the Macomber Scholarship Coordinator to assure receipt of the application materials: 483-1214.

5.  Applications are considered on a point system. Point totals and date of applications will be a determining factor in the case of multiple qualifying candidates.

6.  Late or incomplete applications will not be considered unless there are no applicants by the established deadline.

7.  Candidates must attend LCC for at least one semester following their evaluation and make use of their accommodations if they have qualified for them or they may be held financially liable for the full evaluation fee. 

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Deadlines for the Academic Year

All application materials must be turned in by the established due date by closing time of Support Services’ front counter. If materials are turned in at the front counter, they should be date stamped. If materials are e-mailed, the date and time on the e-mail will stand as the submission time.

Spring semester:

All application materials must be turned in by the 1st Monday in October.

Summer semester:

All application materials must be turned in by the 1st Monday in March.

Fall semester:

All application materials must be turned in by the 1st Monday in June.

The following application materials must be submitted for consideration:

Letter:   Applicants must write a 250 word letter, typed, addressing why they need a new evaluation, why they cannot pay for the evaluation, and what their educational plans are for and beyond Lansing Community College. The letter must be turned in either with the other application materials or by itself at the front counter of Support Services in accordance with the established deadlines.

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The completed application must be turned in.
   Click here for application

Transcript: If student has no LCC transcript, a transcript from the most recent educational institution attended is required. The document must be legible and state the student’s name, the educational institution and the cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher. There is no timeline regarding the date on the transcript.

Outdated documentation/ IEP of a learning disability If the student possesses an outdated IEP or psychological evaluation diagnosing a learning disability, a copy may be submitted for candidate selection support.

Award:  Students will be contacted by phone, e-mail or letter within two weeks after the application deadline for each semester. The selected recipient will be contacted first, followed by other applicants. At this time denied applicants may ask for their information to be submitted for consideration the following semester. This will NOT be automatically done. Once a candidate has been approved, he/she will meet with the Macomber Scholarship coordinator for instructions on how to arrange for the evaluation.

Disclaimer: Recipients of the Macomber Scholarship are responsible for scheduling and following through with all aspects of the evaluation process. It may take several weeks to schedule an evaluation appointment and often subsequent meetings are required. The report is usually sent directly to LCC as we are the payees for this service.

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Office of Disability Support Services at Lansing Community College

Disability Support Services
Gannon Building - StarZone
Phone: (517) 483-1924
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