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Guidelines for Using Real-time Captioning

As a student at Lansing Community College, you can receive classroom accommodations for any documented disability.

Delivery of services to students will emphasize the idea of teamwork.  Student, instructor, counselor, real-time captioner, note taker and tutor are all important members of the team.

The real-time captioner provides captioning services for Deaf/Hard of hearing students.  The captioner's function is to facilitate communication between Deaf/Hard of hearing students, instructors and students in the classroom.

Requesting Accommodations

Every student receiving services from Disability Support Services must request accommodations every semester they are attending Lansing Community College.  This needs to be done as early as possible.  it could take up to two weeks for accommodations to be arranged.

To arrange for accommodations, students need to make an appointment withthe Disability Specialist in Disability Support Services by calling (517)483-1924.

A. Student Responsibilities

  1. Attend all classes regularly.

    a. Call the Disability Specialist at 517-483-1924 (voice)  if you cannot attend a class or if you will be absent from all classes.

    b. If you miss two classes without contacting the Disability Specialist in Support Services or the real-time captioner, you will have to contact the Disability Specialist Support Services at 517-483-1924(voice) before a real-time captioner will go to your next class.

  2. Provide a thumb drive for the real-time captioner.

    Do not give or share thumb drive contents or printed transcript with any other students.

  3. Be on time. The real-time captioner will wait until the first break in class.
  4. If you will be late, call the real-time captioner or the Disability Specialist in Support Services at 517-483-1924 (voice).
  5. If you have problems in class, see the instructor right away.
  6. If you have any questions or concerns about real-time captioning, talk to the real-time captioner and/or contact the Disability Specialist
  7. If the captioner does not show up:

    a. Since emergencies do come up, please wait 15 minutes for the real-time captioner

    b. Contact the Disability Specialist in ODSS at (517) 483-1924 (voice only)

  8. If the captioner is late more than two times, contact the Disability Specialist at 517-483-1924.


B. Successful Student Tips

  1. Tutoring - This is for your benefit. You must show up at your scheduled time be prepared.
  2. Lab - This is for your benefit. You must show up at your scheduled time and be prepared.
  3. Be prepared for class.

    a. Have assignments prepared before class.

    b. If you use a notetaker, have notetaking paper ready. It is your responsibility to pick up the paper from Counseling/Advising front counter.

    c. Pay attention to the lecture.

  4. Tutor requests

    a. If you do not need a real-time captioner for tutoring, make tutor request directly to the Tutorial Office.

    b. If you need a real time captioner for tutoring, schedule tutors through the Facilitator of Classroom Support Services.


C. Real-Time Captioner Responsibilities

  1. The real-time captioner will:

    a. Save unedited translation on a thumb drive provided by the student if requested.

    b. Delete all real-time files if not requested by the student.

    c. Keep their equipment in good working order.  However, it is understood that occasional  technical problems may occur and that real-time captioning services are not available during a power outage.

    d. Be on time

    e. Act in a professional manner

    f. Make requests from faculty for syllabus, course outline, handouts, and videos.

  2. The real-time captioner will not:

    a. Help the student "catch up" on materials missed because of absences.

    b. Re-teach the class after the class is over.

    c. Provide real-time captioning services if the student is not in attendance during the class.


D. Office of Disability Support Services (ODSS)

  1. The Disability Specialist will:

    a. Assist students with the scheduling of classes

    b. Provide educational advising

    c. Schedule real-time captioners.  

  2. Make referrals
  3. Provide instructors with written information regarding the real-time captioning accommodation prior to the start of the course and address any issues that may arise with the real-time captioners and faculty.


E. General Information

  1. Real-time captioners follow the National Court Reporters Guidelines. Situations may happen when it may be necessary for real-time captioners to share classroom information with other members of the Office of Disability Support Services.
  2. You must contact the Disability Specialist each semester to request real-time captioning services for your classes.  You can call 517-483-1924 (voice only) to make an appointment.
  3. Notify the Disability Specialist at 517-483-1924 (voice only) of any changes to your class schedule. For example, you drop or add a class.
  4. Contact the Disability Specialist, 517-483-1924if you have any questions about this information.


Office of Disability Support Services at Lansing Community College

Disability Support Services
Gannon Building - StarZone
Phone: (517) 483-1924
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