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Welcome to Lansing Community College
and the Office of Disability Support Services

Phone: (517) 483-1924 (Voice)
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Lansing Community College is committed to providing accommodations for students with documented disabilities. The College adheres to the standards and guidelines set forth in the Americans with Disabilities Act. Students must register with the Office of Disability Support Services (ODSS) each semester to access services and accommodations.

This handbook is your guide to accessing FREE services through ODSS. This document is available in hard copy from the Office of Disability Support Services located in 204GB.

ODSS offers a new student orientation. See your counselor/advisor for specific dates and times or go to

Table of contents:

  1. Mission of ODSS
  2. Eligibility for Services
  3. Counseling/Academic Advising/Registration
  4. Placement Testing Information
  5. Student Responsibilities
  6. ODSS Responsibilities
  7. Support Via E-Campus
  8. ODSS Staff
  9. Resources

1. Mission of ODSS

The mission of ODSS is to support student success by:

* Providing appropriate accommodations and services to eligible individuals
with disabilities
* Helping students take responsibility for their own learning/education and
* Providing supportive services to help students with disabilities overcome
barriers to success


2. Eligibility For Services

To be eligible for services and accommodations through ODSS, students are required to provide written verification of their disability.

Documentation must be signed and dated by a qualified professional who has diagnosed the disability. We reserve the right to request additional information if documentation is inconclusive.

The Office of Disability Support Services (ODSS) will determine appropriate accommodations based upon the functional limitations detailed in the medical/psychological documentation the student provides and through the intake interview.

Lansing Community College does not provide diagnostic testing, however, community referral information is available.

Documentation of each disability must be provided by the corresponding professional and not limited to this list.

Disabilities and Professionals

Information on documentation needed and accommodations available.

**NOTE: IEP's/504 plans, Summary of Performance (SOP) and Social Security award letters alone are NOT sufficient documentation to determine eligibility.

**NOTE:  Tutoring and personal care attendants are not accommodations under ADA and consequently are not provided by ODSS.

3. Counseling/Academic Advising/Registration

Licensed Professional Counselors offer personal counseling as well as academic advising. All of the ODSS staff is trained as academic advisors to assist with registration and accommodations. Appointments can be scheduled in advance for daytime or evening. Drop-in times with the ODSS staff are also available.


4.  Placement Testing Information

Lansing Community College requires minimum reading, writing, and math levels to enroll in many courses. These levels are measured by the scores achieved on the Computer Placement Tests (CPT) taken at LCC, or by reviewing ACT/SAT scores or a college transcript. (See your advisor/counselor for details).

General information about the tests:

  • The tests are untimed and are multiple-choice.

  • Allow approximately 45 minutes- one hour for each test.

  • The last test will be handed out one hour prior to the closing time of the Assessment Center (200 GB).

  • You may use accommodations while taking these tests.  (See below for more information)

  • An appointment is NOT needed to take these tests, UNLESS the student plans to use accommodations.

Testing WITH accommodations

Students requiring the assistance of a reader:

  • Call the Reader Services office- 517-483-1225 to schedule a reader

  • No documentation is needed prior to testing except for use of a calculator (see below).

Note: Readers will read the test EXACTLY as it is written. They are NOT able to re-word, clarify, or explain anything within the tests.


Students requesting the use of a calculator for the math placement test:

  • Must provide ODSS with a copy of a psychological or neuro-psychological evaluation which confirms that the student has functional limitations in math.  ODSS will give the student a Math Testing Referral form to be given to the Assessment Center to allow the use of a calculator on the placement test.

**Note: a high school IEP is NOT sufficient

Students requesting the use of a quiet room  (no reader) for testing call the appropriate phone number to reserve a room:

Main Campus Assessment Center


East Campus


West Campus


Clinton County (St. Johns)


Livingston Campus (Howell)


No documentation is needed prior to testing.

Students requesting the assistance of a sign language interpreter:

  • Contact the Hearing Impairment Specialist at (517)-267-5690 to schedule the necessary accommodations.

  • No documentation is needed prior to testing.


5. Student Responsibilities

  1. Meet with ODSS counselor/advisor as soon as a need for accommodation has been identified.

  2. Deliver Instructor Memos to your instructors.

  3. Specific needs will be discussed and appropriate method of accommodation will be determined based on documentation of the disability.

  4. At least 72 hours is needed to make the proper arrangements (or) requests will be acted upon as soon as possible depending on type of request and availability of resources.

  5. Students must notify ODSS if accommodation has not been provided, or if it is no longer necessary.

Before the start of each semester, students seeking accommodations must contact the ODSS counselor/advisor to review and schedule services and accommodations. It is not done automatically.

The student is responsible for taking care of any equipment checked out from ODSS. Equipment is to be returned to ODSS after class. If ODSS is closed, equipment is to be left at Public Safety in GB 2800. If equipment is lost, damaged, or not returned, a hold may be placed on the student's record.

6. ODSS Responsibilities

Determine appropriate accommodations using:

  1. Diagnostic information

  2. Student input

  3. Instructor input

  4. Agency input

  5. Knowledge of previous methods for accommodation

  6. Available resources

  7. Other information

  • Provide agreed upon accommodation in a timely manner

  • Complete and provide Instructor Memos to students


7. Support Via E-Campus

Accessing Disability Support Services Via E-Campus (for assessment testing and courses)

  1. Assessment Testing: The student must contact the Assessment Center On-line Testing Support Office at (517)- 267-5503 or
  2. The student is responsible for finding a proctored site to take the placement tests (CPT's).  If a reader is needed to accommodate the student's documented disability, he/she is also responsible for finding a "neutral" (non-family member or friend) to serve as a reader.  The Office of Disability Support Services (ODSS) can assist in locating a reader, if necessary.
  3. Once a site (and a reader, if necessary) are located, the Assessment Center (AC) will contact both to determine if they meet the College's testing requirements.
  4. Documentation of the disability is needed at this point only if the student needs to use a calculator for the math CPT (ODSS will make the final determination, if eligible for this accommodation- see math testing policy).
  5. The Assessment Center will e-mail the test to the proctor site.
  6. The student take the CPT at the proctored site.
  7. The proctor informs the AC that the student has taken the test(s) so that the AC can enter the test scores into the Student System.
  8. If the student requires further accommodations (in enrolled courses), he/she needs to provide documentation of the disability to ODSS.
  9. Accommodations will be provided based on the disability, the functional limitations, and the need for reasonable accommodations, as mandated by ADA.
  10. If ODSS can not physically provide the accommodations, ODSS will work with the student and/or community resources to try to establish the accommodations, including but not limited to funding the accommodation.
  11. The student is required to contact ODSS and the AC each semester to register for accommodations.


8.ODSS Staff

Kim Cory, MA - Learning Disability Specialist

Pam Davis, MA, LPC - Counselor

Monica Del Castillo, MA, LPC, CRC - Counselor

Dianne Moore, Reader Services Coordinator

Kris Stairs - Hearing Impaired Specialist

9. Resources

Center for Employment Services


Tutoring Services


Enrollment Services
(Admissions, Financial Aid, Registrar)


Assessment Center




Public Safety

Voice - (517)483-1800
TTY - (517)483-9968

Great Lakes ADA and Accessible Information
Technology Center
(800)949-4232 (Voice/TTY)

ADA Information Line
U.S. Department of Justice
(800)514-0301 (Voice)
(800)514-0303 (TTY)


Office of Disability Support Services at Lansing Community College

Disability Support Services
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