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Placement Testing Information

Lansing Community College requires minimum reading, writing, and math levels to enroll in many courses. These levels are measured by the scores achieved on the Computer Placement Tests (CPT) taken at LCC, or by reviewing ACT/SAT scores or a college transcript. For college placement tests (CPT's), ACT, SAT and other Waiver information, please contact the Assessment Center at

General information about the tests:

  • The tests are untimed and are multiple-choice

  • Allow approximately 45 minutes - one hour for each test.

  • The last test will be handed out one hour prior to the closing time of the Assessment Center (200 GB).

  • You may use accommodations while taking these tests.  (See below for more information).

  • An appointment is NOT needed to take these tests UNLESS the student plans to use accommodations.

Testing WITH accommodations

  • Students requiring the assistance of a reader:

  • Call the Reader Services office at 517-483-1225 to schedule a reader.

  • No documentation is needed prior to testing except for use of a calculator (see below).

** Note: Readers will read the test EXACTLY as it is written. They are NOT able to re-word, clarify, or explain anything within the tests.

  • Students requesting the use of a calculator for the math placement test:
    Must provide an ODSS counselor or advisor with a  copy of a psychological or neuro-psychological evaluation which confirms that the student has functional limitations in math.  ODSS will give the student a Math Testing Referral form.
    Students will be required to provide the Assessment Center with a math Testing Referral form from ODSS in order to use a calculator on the math placement test. 
    Note:  A high school IEP or Summary of Performance (SOP) is NOT sufficient.

  • If you desire a quiet room only (no reader) for tests, call the appropriate phone number to reserve a room.

  • No documentation is needed prior to testing.

Main Campus Assessment Center 517-267-5500
East Campus  517-483-1860
West Campus  517-267-5452
Clinton County (St. Johns)  989-224-2017
Livingston Campus (Howell) 517-545-3522

Office of Disability Support Services at Lansing Community College

Disability Support Services
Gannon Building - StarZone
Phone: (517) 483-1924
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