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Therapeutic Massage
Curriculum Information

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Gainful Employment

Therapeutic Massage, CA


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Click the following link to view the current Therapeutic Massage Advising Guide and information to prepare for a career in massage therapy.
2014-2015 - Therapeutic Massage Advising Guide

The Program has extended semesters and does not follow the College Academic Calendar.  All courses have an attendance policy.

Course Offerings

Visit the Course Offerings page for information pertaining to courses available during a particular semester and to view course descriptions.

MASG 110 Massage for Non-Majors
MASG 131 Therapeutic Massage I
MASG 132 Body Systems for Massage
MASG 137 Medical Elements of Massage
MASG 138 Fundamentals of Clinical Massage
MASG 139 Medical Conditions in Massage
MASG 141 Massage Clinic I
MASG 151A Chair Massage
MASG 151B Sports Massage
MASG 151C Maternal-Infant Massage
MASG 151D Special Populations
MASG 231 Therapeutic Massage II
MASG 232 Therapeutic Massage III
MASG 235 National Certification Prep
MASG 241 Massage Clinic II
MASG 242 Massage Clinic III
MASG 251A Polarity Therapy
MASG 251B Reflexology
MASG 251C Asian Body Therapy
MASG 251D Positional Release
MASG 254 Business Applications/Therapeutic Massage
MASG 256 Clinical Assessment

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