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Therapeutic Massage Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Lansing Community College's Therapeutic Massage Program distinctive?

  1. High regard in the community
  2. Taught by instructors with many years of real life experience
  3. Low tuition and fees compared to private schools

When does the program start?

You can start the part-time program in January 2013 and the full-time program in August 2013.

How long does it take to complete the program and what type of degree do I earn?

The full-time Therapeutic Massage Program can be completed in three consecutive semester and the part-time program can be completed in four consecutive semesters. After completing your coursework, you will earn a Certificate of Achievement in Massage Therapy.

How large are the massage classes? What is the instructor to student ratio?

We currently have 17 massage tables in our facility, and that allows for instructor ratio of 1:17 when performing hands on work, but lecture classes still have 24 students with a 1:24 ratio.

Do I need to take any prerequisites before enrolling in the program?


Are there any admission requirements for enrollment in the program?

Students need to be 18 years old, provide a copy of a valid driver's license or state identification card, must have reading level of 5 and writing level of 6, and must provide proof of high school graduation or GED (minimum score of 35).

Are there any physical requirements that I must meet?

There is no physical assessment prior to enrolling in the program, but it helps to be physically fit and agile to perform massages without becoming fatigued or injured. Please see the Therapeutic Massage Program website for a complete list of physical requirements, skills, and aptitudes that are required for success in the program.

What does the program cost? (effective Fall 2013)

Tuition: 46 Billing hours

District Resident
$83.00/Billing Hr

$166.00/Billing Hr

$249.00/Billing Hr

$291.00/Billing Hr

$ 3,818.00

$ 7,636.00

$ 11,454.00


  • Course Fees: Approximate Cost $1,279.00
  • Books: Approximate Cost (Used $500) (New $800)
  • Registration Fees: $25.00 per semester enrolled
  • Facility Fees: $5.00 per billing hour - i.e., 46 billing hours x $5.00 = $230.00
  • Technology Fee:  $1.00 per billing hour - i.e., 46 billing hours x $1.00 = $46.00


Massage Table is required by 4th week of the MASG 131 course. Discount provided by OAKWORKS if order is placed in class.

$250.00 - 500.00

Professional massage lotion or cream in a sanitary, multi-use container (pump or tube dispenser)


Lotion Holster


Table Linens (used linens are acceptable)

$20.00 - 40.00

Scrubs are required for clinic and/or class


P-Ball is required for MASG 231 and 232


Body Pillow


How do I apply for financial aid?

You may find more information related to financial aid by visiting Lansing Community College's Student Financial Aid website or by contacting the following:

1600 - Financial Aid
PO Box 40010
Lansing MI 48901-7210
(517) 483-1200

Is housing available?

The Student Life Office often posts offerings but Lansing Community College has no formal housing assistance available. Check out the Student Life website, or by contacting the following:

1170-Student Life Office (Gannon Building, Room 218)
P.O. Box 40010
Lansing, MI 48901-7210
Phone: (517) 483-1285

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