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Campus Customers

This page is dedicated to our campus customers.  The intent is to provide contact information that will assist you in your daily work and also list the services that are provided.



Email and Phone


Large dollar campus wide Request for Proposals (ie: Legal RFP's), signing of contracts and agreements with dollar amounts attached to, Sustainability Chair
ext 1790

Andrew Chambliss

Furniture & Repairs, Office Supplies, Computer Hardware & Software, Vehicles, any equipment, supplies
ext 1786

Evelyn Lynn

Services - Physical Plant, Printing Services, Rentals, Hotels
ext 1726

Doloras Eiseler

Follow Up/Expediter, Questions on change orders, returning of items
ext 1787

Diane Miles

Lead Support
ext 1785

Forms -- To access documents use Internet Explorer

Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form - PURFR015

Information Technology Request/Approval Form - PURFR093

Independent Contractor Form - PURFR017

LCC Card Request Form - PURFR033

No Bid Justification -- PURFR089

Vendor Application - PURFR016

No Bid Justification - Advertisements ($5K and up) -- PURFR098

No Bid Justification - Memberships/Sponsorships ($5K and up) -- PURFR097

Product Evaluation Agreement - PURFR014 

Sole Source Justification Worksheet - PURFR005

Tax Exempt Form


Request Form for New Project - PURFR100

 Contract Signature Request Form - PURFR105

Prequalification Entry Pool Form - PURFR103

Executive Privilege - PURFR104

Documents -- To access documents use Internet Explorer

Conflict of Interest Policy

Environmentally Sound Purchasing - PURWI026

Information Technology Purchases - PURWI060

No-Bid - PURWI058

Sole Source Justification - PURWI002

Statement of Work Requirements - PURWI064


Purchasing Department at Lansing Community College

Purchasing Department
Washington Court Place, Room 214
Phone: (517) 483-1785
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