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Eco-Scholars Day - 2014 Presentations

We are excited to announce our presenters for 2014! Check back to this page for updates as we continue to receive applications!

Lansing Ecological Economy Park

The Lansing Ecological Economy Park, a nonprofit organization, is working to combine a public park and a productive plant nursery with a sustainable residential community. The nursery will cultivate economically useful, Climate Change adapted plants for Lansing residents, businesses and public areas to install 'Forest Gardens', insuring long term, regional ecological and economic security. Additionally, their walk-able and tour-able residential community will showcase the full suite of sustainable technologies for premier visibility for green business incubation. This workshop will discuss where the project is in its development, and engage LCC attendees for feedback.

Delhi Township Recycling Awareness

Attend this workshop to find out about  the opportunities to recycle (including street side pick-up) in Delhi Township. Visit this group's poster session too!

It's Not Easy Being Green, but It's Easy Using GREENR!

Join the LCC Librarians for a hands-on session exploring the database GREENR (Global Reference on the Environment, Energy and Natural Resources). Discover global environmental and sustainability news, videos, background information, statistics and more. For more about LCC's library, CLICK HERE!

Poster Presentations: 

Geothermal Energy - A view on the alternative energy sources available for heating and cooling your home. Geothermal Energy presents an environmentally friendly alternative to typical energy sources.

Tarsands - Learn about about the tarsands in Canada, including what they are and the environmental issues they produce. This presentation will also address the pipeline that the government wants to run into the U.S. and the negative repercussions of this intended pipeline.

The Invaluable Resource - Learn how to lower water usage with modification units designed for standard toilets. Discover how this saves money and the environment!

Recycle Mind Set - Discover how to change the process of recycling within an organization.

Rechargeable Battery Strap - discover the savings and reduction of the carbon footprint within the Department of Correction by changing from disposable batteries to rechargeable batteries.

Save *A* Tree - Learn how to conserve paper and waste at a utility company by changing from paper to electronic record keeping.

The Invisible Environment - Discover what is in the environment that you do not usually see. We explore the world of genetically modified organisms in food and what is living on the surface of common items.

Greenworld, Inc. - Help Lansing Community College reduce their own carbon footprint by reducing the amount of plastic bottles sold on campus.

Advanced Technology in the Workplace - Learn about LCC's ISCI 275 course, Advanced Workplace Technology. It is designed to introduce students to several areas of great relevance to advanced technology workplaces: quality process control standards, applied quality control math and statistics, workplace safety, and workplace ethics.

Delhi Township Recycling Awareness - Learn about the opportunities to recycling opportunities (including street side pick-up) in Delhi Township.

Recycle - Discover information about recycling, including some examples and ideas for recycling and reusing items.

Taking a Look at Oil Spills - Examine the Kalamazoo River oil spill including information on how this type of situation can be prevented and cleaned up. Also, view a demonstrational activity on how an oil spill clean up can be difficult.

Fracking - View the damages that fracking can cause to an environment and learn about a better solution that could benefit both the environment and businesses.

Battery Recycling at LCC & Fracking in Michigan - View a DVD presentation about battery recycling at LCC and Fracking in Michigan!

Perform an Energy Audit in Virtual Reality - Join LCC's DICAST for a new an improved version of B.E.A.S.T. (Building Energy Audit Simulation Training). B.E.A.S.T was introduced at last year's Eco-Scholars event! This program allows you to "walk" around in a 3D environment by using the Oculus Rift (virtual reality hardware).

Earth's Fallout - As today's society goes on more and more people become less involved with the environment, leading to more negative cases hurting the only earth we have. This poster session will discuss how earth can survive all the damages that we keep doing to it.

Environmental Resources from the LCC Library - Visit the LCC Library's table to learn about credible and reliable on-line resources that cover a wide range of environmental topics.

DNA Sequencing of LCC's Shigamatsu Garden - In this project, the iPlant collaborative was used to identify several plants in the Shigamatsu Garden on LCC's main campus. Samples of different plants were taken, and their DNA was extracted and amplified through PCR to be sequenced and matched in the iPlant Database. Come see more about this project in this poster session!

Energy Efficient Lightbulbs - Discover the difference between the newer light bulbs and the incandescent bulbs, including the energy efficiency of each.

Methane Digesters - This presentation will cover what methane digesters are and how they work. It will also cover how they will help reduce the environmental impact that a farm will on the environment.

Geothermal Energy - View the alternative energy sources available for heating and cooling your home. Geothermal Energy presents an environmentally friendly alternative to typical energy sources.

Air Pollution - learn about different types of air pollution that occurs in Michigan.

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