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October 10th, 2008

Well here we are almost half over with the semester already! I can't believe it! Sometimes finishing my degree seems so far away but then I look at how fast my children grow and turn first 1 then 2 and so on.... I realize how very soon I will actually see my dreams becoming realities! My son Cameron(Cam) is going to be getting a brand new wheelchair! He picked out a color called "TOXIC GREEN" and he calls it "SHREK GREEN."

Shrek is his favorite movie right now. He likes all three movies in the series, it makes no difference to him as long as he can watch it at least once a day. My daughter Izabelle (Izzy) is starting to try to sit up on her own....I think it's right around the corner! Just a couple weeks ago she rolled over for the first time and now she is all over the living room from one end to the other. I can't believe it!

My older brother Nathan, who lives with my family, is going to build a partition in our basement and finish off a bedroom. Our home will then have 5 bedrooms! Every one of them is full of people though and I am glad of that! I love having people around and helping them out. Right now we have my brother and a friend living with us, my father-in-law and a girlfriend that I go to church with as well.

Our home is a busy place! Sometimes it is hard to find a quiet place to study. So I do most of that on campus. I think this coming weekend I might ask my husband and my brother to move my computer and desk upstairs to my bedroom so I have a study area.

Kristy S.

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