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October 18th, 2008

This week was a pretty good week. I still miss my cat a ton, but it has been getting better for me slowly. Everyone that had met him has been very kind and makes me feel appreciative to have them as my friends. I thoroughly enjoyed Wednesday evening this week. I did the cultural event with TRiO at Le Chat Gourmet, Moroccan kitchen night. It was so much fun and delicious, plus everyone I met and was able to hang out with for the evening in TRiO was so great.

This Thursday I went out with my friends to have a few beverages to hang out and share funny stories from our past before their marriage on Friday night. We were all laughing because my one friend and I argue like we are siblings so everyone was reminiscing about how hilarious our interactions were. Then of course we had to share funny stories about his fiancé. There were many laughs and smiles all evening.

Friday evening finally came. My friends got married at the Alumni Chapel on the MSU Campus. Whatever you do, don’t ever get directions to any place on campus through MapQuest! We got so lost and we made it just in the nick of time. I felt so bad because we left early and took a tour of campus instead of getting to where we needed to be. I guess a lot of the brides' family got lost as well so many unfortunately were not there to witness the joyous occasion. I am so happy we made it though, it was so beautiful and cool to see my friends become husband and wife! The reception was very cool as well. Many cool pictures from the evening that I cannot wait to see!

Between work and all of the events this week I somehow finished all my homework and turned it in. It stressed me a little, but I survived it thankfully. It was a tough and fun week though. It isn’t the usual week and it made it interesting. I still have been thinking about the science degree instead of web design. I could at least conjoin science and computers together, which would be double awesome! I need to talk to more people about this and plan this out. Until next time, have a good week!

Gretchen G.

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